Website dedicated to KoF?

Is there a Tekken Zaibatsu/SRk website for KoF ?

I’d like to say SRK KOF Forums and #SNKPlaymore channel on using IRC are the places to go. Dream Cancel is another website, but I personally prefer the former.

there’s dreamcancel but it is not as central to the kof community or as complete in terms of information as, say, zaibatsu to tekken or dustloop to gg/bb
but if you’re looking for some more sources of information, players to talk to, then it is not a horrible place to look is a good place to go to for information. The SRK wiki ain’t bad either, but if you want forums to post in then DC is what you’re looking for.

Isn’t there

That’s good, but I think Orochinagi is more of the European KOF site.

I’d say Dreamcancel is central US KOF site, as much as it’s growing, and even with it’s contacts to Atlus, 13’s publisher for NA.

Well Orochinagi is more the British one. I don’t think the other countries in Europe are going to go on an English site for news any more than a guy from the US would go on a Brazilian site for news. I’m sure they must have their own national sites. Wouldn’t be surprised if the Spanish and Portuguese players use various South American KOF sites, actually.