Website for ribbon cable and 28 gauge hook up wire?


Need to look into getting multicolored ribbon cable, and hook up wire in various colors. Where’s the best place to look?



Found this place for the ribbon cable… not sure where i bought mine a year ago or so. Rainbow Cable


It’s not the easiest site to search at first, but digikey is the best source for those.
For the ribbon cable, hit the ‘Go’ button in the upper right, scroll down and look for the Cables,Wires heading and click the ‘Flat Ribbon’ link underneath. Select the number of conductors you want (how many wires it has), click the ‘in stock’ box, and under color click ‘multiple’. A 300’ of the 10 conductor ribbon costs barely more than a 100’ length from the site just recommended.
For your plain hook up wire, click ‘Single Conductor’ instead of ‘Flat Ribbon’. Put in the info for what you want (gauge) and ‘in stock’ and browse through.


I checked here first, the site disconntinued the multicolored ribbon cables.

You weren’t kidding when you said it’s not easy to search Digikey, slightly intimidating at first because it doesn’t show pictures right away.


OOOOOH Im toodles and im sooo fancy. -_^ yeah digikey is great, i just did a quick google…


That was uncalled for


Hey, being able to search digikey is a fine art. Mastering it is braggable.


Word, I ordered the catlog from digikey b/c i thought it would be easier…lol. The catalog is like 4000 pages long! (and also free) :amazed: