Website is too CPU intensive

The whole SRK website is very hard on netbooks. Even when not loading anything and not watching videos or anything, it keeps the CPU bouncing between 90% and 30% utilization. What the heck is it doing?

Putting SRK as a “restricted website” in IE’s security options clears up the problem, but obviously this disables a lot of other site functionality, or by enabling ActiveX controls (so youtube videos will run, even if the front page won’t usually load), IE will constantly scream about security risk.

And don’t even get me started on trying to view SRK through the PS3’s browser. YOu can make a sandwich with tijme to spare just waiting on the front page to load. (Granted, the PS3 browser is crap, so that’s an extreme case.) But netbooks are common.

Opening SRK in about 5 tabs will basically bring a netbook to a complete halt for 5 minutes.

Embedded youtube videos cannot be viewed on SRK on a netbook – it’s just a slideshow, if that. (Watching them on is OK at 360 resolution.) Trying to load the “video thread” in any random SF4 character forum is hell. So’s trying to type this while a few SRK windows are open.

Can the SRK webgoblins please please look into what is constantly eating CPU cycles and nerf it? Or give users a “slow computer” option in their account settings?

I’ve seen maybe one netbook in the last 3 months (and one that looked like one, but turned out to be an Alienware). It’s amazing what phones are capable of nowadays.

But anyway, there are plenty of steps you can take to make browsing websites like SRK easier on your netbook…

I have doubts that SRK will change to become less CPU intensive (we just have to have those fancy bells and whistles), I would suggest trying to resolve the problem through actions on your end instead.

There is a plug-in for FF and Chrome that is… a little controversial (I won’t even say the name). Still, if the above doesn’t help, it might be useful to someone in your situation. You can find discussion on it in this forum if you look around a bit.