Wedge shaped stick cases?

Does anyone know of a custom stick maker that produces slanted or wedge shaped panels? Wood, metal, Care Bear hide… any material really, so long as it’s durable and can take a Seimitsu stick.

Some background:
I have a medical condition in my right arm that makes it painful to play on level flat surface sticks for more than 20 minutes or so (yay old age!). Rather than give up my 30+ year video game diet of shmups and fighters, I’ve been experimenting with different case shapes, and have found that the low-profile shape of the original (and much maligned) plastic shell Virtua Stick seems to work best for me, and I’d like to get something as close to that as possible.


I think that you should hunt for a Playstation 1 Namco Stick on Ebay.
The stock stick is very comparable in quality to a Seimitsu LS-33, and the buttons are super similar to ps-14-g buttons, and I believe uses the same TKC brand switches that Seimitsu uses, only it uses the solder pin type. You might have to double check that info.
You can get convertors for ps3 and Xbox 360 on

Could always just get some sort of wedge made to place under/fix to the underside of your preferred flat top stick?

Might be cheaper than buying a new stick/having a custom sloping case stick built.

Thanks for the suggestions! I like the Namco sticks, but the collector in me doesn’t want to cut into one to add in the stuff I like. :slight_smile:

PM Sent.

Hope it all works out for you.
I got my own share of old man pains, so I can relate.

I made a slanted custom stick, posted it and most people got on my case on why it’s angled. I took ergonomics courses (am an industrial designer) so I know some basics, but found it odd the majority of the people here (not all) were against angled box only because most mass produced boxes are flat. I’m currently making an updated rendition of my design, I’ve been playing my initial prototype for many months now and still stand behind an angled top box, and still surprised there aren’t that many to begin with.

That being said, you could just prop the top part of the box so it angles downwards, just add a thicker rubber leg at front or something? I could make you a box as well, it’s definitely a different more modern and minimal approach take on the arcade stick. I should be done my 1st box (for my own use) in a couple weeks.

Alright, just want to give an update before this thread dies and fades into the intertubes ether…

I’ve tried the TE stick propped up in the back, but it doesn’t change anything for me (besides putting the controls at a weird angle).

However, I was mucking around with an SE and found that the slanted area right at the base of the controls just about makes it perfect for me. Being able to rest my palm at the lower angle with my fingers reaching over the buttons makes it oh-so-perfect. No sharp pain after 30 minutes of play. Hooray!

So, that lead me into investigating sticks that have a similar shape (the SE case is too small, imo). I noticed that the Hori RAP sticks all seem to have this nicely designed edge similar to the SE, but with a much larger base. However, I’d really like the ability to easily pop an LS-40 into one, and get multi-console with as little trouble as possible…

So I’ve decided: I think I’m going to get a Hori VLX and a VLX Kitty. :slight_smile:

anyone want to buy a barely used Chun-Li TE? :wink:

The majority of people are always wrong about what makes a “good design”.

Have you got a link to your original post?

NVM, found it.
I like that, looks very modern. Might want to move the stick down a bit though, and maybe reduce the angle a tiny bit.