Wedmesdau Mogjt Xanbats Season 3, #4

1 DMG Lud
2 Perfect Sin
3 Steve Harrison
4 rugi
5 caliagent
5 skisonic
7 MagnetoManiac
7 Joe Kim
9 Dark Child
9 Rugal B.
9 Strogg
13 Umthrfkr
13 Doc
13 ZeroOOO

I’ll do a point tally later today.

Me and joe kim are switched, because of the late bracket entry.

Huh? Who the hell did that? You guys didn’t need to be switched at all. I swear… I have to do everything…


the best mogjt of the weel

Gs everyone. And wow Joe Kim hasn’t gotten 4th in a while. Nice

EX Zerp is no good.

EX thread title.

Takings bets vs cheesy and Coma in CVS2 still. Having fun playing this game, just not against Steve and RC elec type of guys.

Oh yeah I got fucked up in SF4. But I was EX’d and having fun with cvs2, didn’t really give a shit.


best nodpm