Wednesday Games at Ross' | 7/28 | Open at 5:00


So now that there seems to be a absence in my regular schedule of when/where I can play games, I want to try and get something together on Wednesdays at my house. I live basically on PSU campus in downtown Portland and I my apartment should be big enough for a decent number of people and I have an hdmi monitor for an extra setup. I really want to get some people toeghther to play regularly as online just doesn’t cut it. Im off work Wednesdays around 5:00 so that should be fine for people to come by and we can go till around 10:00 maybe later. So come bring your A game we’ll have some casuals and what not should be fun.

Address: 1717 SW park ave
apt 924
Portland OR 97201
1717 sw park ave portland or 97201 - Google Maps

Phone: 5 0 3 7 0 2 8 2 1 8

Call me to be let in!

Next Session: 6/23 2010

PS: I have enough sticks for one setup but if you want to bring one thats cool too, I also only have a PS3, please try and post if you think you’ll swing by I hope people come through!

Edit: Beer whatever is fine just don’t get gross, no smoking in the apartment.


I’ll try to make it. is parking a bitch?


parking isn’t the worst, it depends, I believe free doesn’t start till 7:00 though. There are some parking structures in teh area that are pretty cheap, there is a good amount of street parking, depending on how busy it is downtown, If you want I can highlight some parking sites on a map, a really good one that you could pay two hours at thats pretty close is the one that is across from chipotle, I know its pretty cheap for just a couple hours and free after 7:00 and there is usually space.


Oh nice, green line MAX will take me right next to this place, and that’s free for me to take. I can bring a second PS3 + 2 sticks also.


Just to FYI, we’re also open Wednesday nights out at Crow’s nest, also on the max line.


GGs to everyone that showed up. Its so much better playing people in person. I hope everyone had a good time and we will do it again soon!

Wedge pointed out that next week is Ground Kontrol night, so probably no games that day but the Wednesday after that sounds pretty good. Hope to see everyone there!


damn wish i woulda checked the forums yesterday


Hey ross, in an effort to not split the scene up, would you like to take Wednesdays over? I’ve been open to allow peeps who needed a mid-week fix to show, but it has been the slowest night overall


I guess I will open up for a bit tomorrow before ground kontrol if people want to stop in.


GG’s to all who attended.


Come for some last bit of practice before Evo on 7/7


How does your place do under heat Ross? Coz’ it’s gonna be hot as fuck tomorrow…


I don’t know it hasn’t been hot since I lived here… Should be fine Im guessing


Open tomorrow like normal!




Man, I am busy on Wednesdays way too often. Someday I’ll make it out to one of these.

also lol@jeromie
I want a story


hey id like to get in on this. are you guys getting together next week?


Yeah things will be back up again this week. Feel free to stop by.

NOTE: I will be opening up a little later than normal as I have a doctors appointment I have to go too! So I am opening at 6:00 instead of 5:00. Hopefully lots of people roll through.


Is the first post’s disclaimer that this ends at 10pm still valid? I have work til 9:30pm Wednesday, but if you go late, I can drop by around 9:50 due to how close my work is to this. But it looks like that’s when you close up shop. :frowning:


its pretty valid sometimes we go a little later, but not much, sorry.