Wednesday Night Fight Night Danbury CT


Fight night tonight at Play N Trade Main St Danbury CT
Bring your own games or fight sticks everyone is welcome
We also have the Playstation All star Battle Royal
and we will have the original Super Smash Bros!!!


Just to let you know there’s no need to make a new thread each fight night, just keep one thread for both days and use them and attract people, you also might want to post in the CT Thread as well, there’s tons of people that come and check and would definitely want to go to a place closer to them at any given chance.

Also is that the demo version of All Star?

And Original Smash bros… i can hear the shield breaker combos now.


Appreciate the help I got the beta at my acct so I brought it to my store I’ll deff start to post on ct thread appreciate the help


Ok I was just wondering where that thread is because I cannot find it


It’s labeled Ct thread in the beginning in the atl north forum (the one were in)