Wednesday Night Xanbats--March 2, 2011--MvC3 Results


Wednesday Night Xanbats Season - Marvel vs. Capcom 3

1 Martin “EG.MaRN” Phan
2 Ryan “RyRy” Cadiente
3 josh “kutsuki” leung
4 Rugal B.
5 iNerd
5 Asian Daisy
7 Hector “Ketchy Ketch” Perez
9 BChan
9 Top Katt
9 Krost
9 jeff “zerp” liu
13 Ryan “perfectsin” Bartlett
13 Chris
13 Dave
13 seth mussey
17 Rel Jin
17 4r5
17 jay
17 Lowet
17 Mr. Agua

Big, big, big fun last night. Thanks to everyone for coming out. Really impressive stuff. Stream archive will be dug through, and matches upped.

Gonna tally up points later. I’m lazy now. See everyone next Wednesday.

EDIT- Matches can be found at Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! on


good games, nice to see everybody again. Thank you everyone for coming out. We’ve hit record numbers on our stream.


Did Justin Wong skip this weeks Tourney?


yes, he did


why would I be in MD for a tourney? I moved to Cali lol


When it rains it pours


Justin is trolling he will be here next week lol.


If i can get most of my stuff packed in time i’ll be there for the next one!


I feel like an idiot atm.
I posted in the wrong Wednesday Fight Night thread.
I meant to post in the Cali thread, my bad.
But yeah, I noticed Wong was missing from last nights tourney(was it a tourney or just a get together for casuals?), just wondering when he’s coming back with a new team as I’m interested to see him use Phoenix.


Is there one tomorrow? address?


3921 Vero Rd
Arbutus, Maryland 21227
(410) 501-5040

There should be.