Wednesday Night XanBats- Season 2, #1


2-on-2 Random Waseda-Style Teams

1 Team MagnetoManiac
2 Team Lud
3 Team Umthrfkr
4 Team DevilJin01
5 Team HAV
5 Team Perfect Sin
7 Team skisonic
7 Team Agua
9 Team Joe Kim Nigga
9 Team Steve H
9 Team Dark Child
9 Team Sayco
13 Team Rugal B
13 Team Triple Agent
13 Team Doc
13 Team Krost
17 Team QR
17 Team Mike Weezie

I had fun. I liked random teams. We probably won’t do them again this season, but I liked it.

So MagMan jumps out to the early lead, barely defeating Hal in the grand finals. Impressive performance. Next week:

Singles Tournament – Single Match – Single Elimination

Japanese style.

That’s right, folks. This season we’re looking to see which players can strive in the most varied conditions. I think this will be interesting, to say the least.

Again… post up your thoughts on this. Let me know what you guys think.

Current Standings

  1. MagnetoManiac 10 pts
  2. Asian Daisy 10 pts
  3. Hal 8 pts
  4. Lud 8 pts
  5. umthrfkr 6 pts
  6. InfernoOmni 6 pts
  7. DevilJin01 4 pts
  8. SECS 4 pts
  9. HAV 2 pts
  10. Shin Ryan 2 pts
  11. Perfect Sin 2 pts
  12. Jaguar 2 pts
  13. skisonic 1 pt
  14. Moroha 1 pt
  15. Mr. Agua 1 pt
  16. Nick 1pt


GS. Last night was probably the most fun I had at a xanbat, and not because I’m sittin on a whole point now lol. The community really came together. Seeded folk were giving the unseeded tips and what not. I’m thinking some unseeded SHOULD have been but it’s all good. results were fair.

Next week is a good idea, but I say since you’re doing it that way, does Japanese style have seeds? I say if not then fuck it, no seeds. Keep it all authentic.


Shoutout to :

  • tonamento giving me an elite bracket this time around. Glad to see that it actually does switch things up for once.

  • Omni being the one everyone was praying to get picked from the hat as their teammate.

  • Hal getting AT niggas in this tournament. He needs a seed next time, him + a seed is broken stuff, bro.

  • AsianDaisy not dropping a single match until winner’s finals. Rufus/Balrog is mad cheap yo.

People can probably see from the points, but I’ll list characters for those that are curious.

  1. AsianDaisy(Balrog)/MagMan(Rufus)
  2. HAL(Ibuki)/Lud(Chun-Li)
  3. PVFP(Blanka)/Omni(Rufus)
  4. SECS(Rose)/DevilJin(C.Viper)
  5. ShinRyan(Guile)/HAV(Abel)
  6. Jaguar(Balrog)/PerfectSin(Dhalsim)
  7. Moroha(Vega)/skisonic(El Fuerte)
  8. Nick(Abel)/Mr Agua(Abel)

And yo…say NO to single elim, single round, folks.

Think about it like this. If you lose once early, YOU AIN’T GETTIN’ POINTS.

Also, we should still do some type of team thing for next week. As far as I understood, this Xanbat was about teams, not singles. It does generate more hype and make the…‘not seeded’ players more active.

If it remains singles, single game, single elim…then whatever, I’ll play it. I’ll make niggas not like that format lol.


Ski was a great teammate, team “how do we fight these characters” for life.

Shoutout to the haters that lit up the boos for Focus Crumple EX Mask throw Slide finish.


Shoutouts to CvS2 for being the most terrifying game to play Steve H in :looney:


Run CVS2 next time! I’m practicing as I post this.

Omni/PVFP losing first round to Steve/shinku (respectively lololol) then coming back to 3rd is gdlk.

JKN dropping the ball and double face palming before he departs from the bracket TM.

Sayco for some reason being seeded with only 5-6 weeks of playing, and still making it far for someone who is new.

DarkChild for sending DevilJin to losers, allowing myself not having to play Rufus vs Viper lol.

My bracket I had to play against Gief, Rog, Rog, Chun, Blanka, Chun. Luckily there was no Steve H in that mix or I woulda been dead.


I was the victim of that shit D=


I vote to name team magman to team ough ough ough


Nice, wish I could of stayed… Good seeing old faces and new ones. Glad to see DMV holdin it down an the new sparatik of bracket making HAV putting work in!!!


Good stuff. Hype matches and lots of upsets. We were also here strong in attendance and I feel bad for people who didn’t come out.

  • Good shit to Mag taking 1st and reppin’ that Rufus.
  • Good shit to Pat pickin’ up after my losses and me doing the same vice versa.
  • Good shit to whoever gave me low seed.
  • Good shit to Pete with clutch wake-up reversal auto-correct Super. O_O Yeah, I’m still pringles.

Enjoyed the training in the casuals outside of the tournament.

I’m down with single elim, single match tournament. If I can get that low seed again then I’m down for teams. ;3


Extra props to Sayco for doing it with no help.

This week I learned… tournament nerves are real. I don’t think I hit one combo during all the matches I played.

Shoutout to Sayco for carrying me and letting me get that tournament experience. Sorry I couldn’t be useful, but imma get there.

Also, I should be there next week. I’m planning on entering (donating to the pot), but knowing my level of performance, I should have plenty of time for mods/checking out sticks no homo. I’ll bring my tools and a bunch of parts.


Ok… Couple things.

  1. One of the benefits of Single Match/Single Elim tournament is that it’s quick. We’ll have way more time for casuals, and …

CvS2 $1 Tournament

  1. About seeding, the way tonamento works, I can’t do team tournaments, but given the nature of this team tournament with random teams and seeded anchors (where, by design, the anchor was doing most of the work in all but maybe 1-2 of the teams), I just ran it through tonamento as if it were an 18 man singles tournament, instead of the 36-man team tournament that it was.

That being the case, only anchors actually got put into tonamento for this, which means in the case of a team like PVP/Omni, only PVP got tonamento credit for the performance. I know it’s not a huge deal, but I wanted to put that out there. What this means is that Omni would still be a low seed, if we were to do random teams again next week (which we won’t do anyway).


Yo think you can do a ps2 mod for my stick? Lemme know.



For next week SSF4 is going to run retarded fast. A 48-man bracket single elim, single game tournament would probably take less than 30 minutes to complete. Is there anything else we can run involving SSF4 that can help increase the time we spend playing/streaming it?

I’m thinking like possible hype matches, grudge matches, 09’ vs. 0ld Farts, or possibly a draft crew.

If none of that is viable then I’ll opt to being free for the CvS2 tournament.


so dissapointed… in those miley cyrus bj pics. if there are more someone get at me in a pm. :slight_smile:

gs to omni for holding it down in the first couple matches. i really needed the warmup. not sure about next week. its lookin to be rough.

cvs2 will be gdlk. someone else bring a copy so we can get it done in a fair amount of time.

ninja edit: i won the omni lottery. :tup:


I can bring a copy of the game. And this Scarface stick I happened to have found laying on the side of the road, just chillin.


my stick(no homo) goes with your shirt :slight_smile:


was it next to a basketball


and a football


cvs2 next week?? nice, looks like i’ll be there…