Wednesday Night XanBats-- Season 2, #2

Super Street Fighter 4-- 41 Entrants

  1. Lud (CH)-- 20 pts
  2. Eric Kim (SA)-- 16 pts
  3. MagnetoManiac (BA)-- 12 pts
  4. NinjaCW (MA)-- 12 pts
  5. Umthrfkr (BL)-- 4 pts
  6. HBRD (HO)-- 4 pts
  7. Perfect Sin (DH)-- 4pts
  8. HAV (AB)-- 4 pts
  9. iNerd
  10. Gummowned
  11. caliagent
  12. Mr. Agua
  13. skisonic
  14. Rugi
  15. SECS
  16. DevilJin01
  17. Coma
  18. Rel Jin
  19. Fre$h
  20. DBC
  21. Wallstreet
  22. Joe Kim
  23. InfernoOmni
  24. Dark Child
  25. Asian Daisy
  26. Shin Ryan
  27. Air Marshall
  28. Mike Weezie
  29. Doc
  30. Rugal B
  31. Kenny
  32. Triple Agent
  33. Sayco
  34. Grimy Grizzly
  35. Ransom
  36. protoman STi
  37. Mr. Mamation
  38. Ed
  39. tilter
  40. STORMS
  41. QR

Wow. That’s all I have to say. The hype that single match, single elimination provides is out of this world. I’m not sure how often I’m gonna want to run this, but I have to say, I can see why the Japs are so on point. This format demands perfection. If you fuck yourself up at any point, you’re done. You have to play perfectly. Also, for a Wednesday night, getting the tournament done fast is a big thing. Hmm… I like it.

We’re gonna switch to something else next week. I’m thinking 3-on-3 teams. Everyone let me know what you think. I’m not sure on that one, since I don’t know how many of the people that come out would be able to find a 3 man team, but we’ll see.

Current Standings

  1. Lud 28 pts
  2. MagnetoManiac 22 pts
  3. Eric Kim 16 pts
  4. NinjaCW 12 pts
  5. Asian Daisy 10 pts
  6. umthrfkr 10 pts
  7. Hal 8 pts
  8. InfernoOmni 6 pts
  9. Perfect Sin 6 pts
  10. HAV 6 pts
  11. DevilJin01 4 pts
  12. SECS 4 pts
  13. HBRD
  14. Shin Ryan 2 pts
  15. Jaguar 2 pts
  16. skisonic 1 pt
  17. Moroha 1 pt
  18. Mr. Agua 1 pt
  19. Nick 1pt

nice tourney,
HAV, fix those points, you got it wrong. I don’t how mags gets 32. It should be 22pts instead.
3 on 3 would be nice, maybe 3 on 3 random would be better.

Fuck teams.
Seriously. I don’t see how anyone gets any worthwhile EXP out of teams, whether it be random or pre-made.

Every man for himself.

Thanks Lud.

If anything, fuck single elim. I just don’t like it, personally. Like yea, it shows who the best player is, but everyone else after that doesn’t matter because it’s all about the bracket at that point.

But anyways, teams should be alright. If it’s like last time, it’s basically the anchors vs each other. It also keeps MagMan in character lock, which seems to be the point of Xanbats season #2 :wink:

Good shit to Kimmicks out of nowhere.


Tonamento match of the week - Last team tourney champ teammates going against each other first round. iNerd with the 3rd seed on tonamento, yo oh!!!

Kim with the Kimmicky Sagat. Good shit.

I think we should reset to a regular 1v1 tournament next week before jumping on to 3v3. Not feelin’ 3v3 at all to be honest.

I’ll take single elim any day over any team tournament.
c3 tournaments designed to pay off Free’s rent all last year really put me off to 3v3 format.

I just want to say what a great venue Xanadu is. Was my first time at the Xanbats and I was impressed. I had a lot of fun despite initial fears that the Jap style format wouldn’t of been fun. In the end it was actually more hype.

Just my idea of what you could do for next weeks 3vs3 teambat: Depending on the number of attendees, have the top X current standing players as X number of team captains and have them take turns with drafting their team with the remaining players.

One last thing, I hope everyone enjoyed the lego stick last night. Me getting those two wins were as much of a surprise to me as it was for everyone else.

Yeah, I was thinking of just doing a normal, double-elim tourney next week.

I think single match double elim would’ve been better, but nice tournament nonetheless. Running a 40 man bracket in 3 hours on 1-2 setups was pretty nice.

Shoutouts to EX Buttsplash for ruining my life :bluu:

still a statue… :sad: :bluu: :tdown:

Ok guys…vids are going UP from yesterday

we got 720p this time, so def click that “HD” button ! (not all vids are up/processed yet)
I got all of top 8 action

shout out to jon’s gay ass edward cup he requested from burger king.

Is that… a statue talking?

yo you’re the one wishing he was a werewolf instead of a statue outside of burger king haha
Anyways, all vids are up except grand finals, that will be up within 30min

yo i wish i was a werewolf. not a twilight werewolf but more of a underworld werewolf.

keep that shit single match single elim sucka. its better and you know it.

I could get down with 3 man single elim but it would probably have to be random… maybe single elim but using 2 or 3 characters (cvs2 style except opponent gets all his life back). I’m just throwing stuff out at this point.

then again single match single elim is fun too. or maybe single match double elim. You guys have 6 weeks left we can’t be outta ideas already lol

Actually, agua brought up a sick idea. They DO use that format in Japan, [media=youtube]IpwAMD_mA54&feature=related[/media]. Xanbats would be the first to use it in SSF4, though. I like the idea :karate:.

Rotating to standard format every so often sounds like the best thing. 3v3 sounds cool, but HAS to be random or a “ratio” type deal, or it will be two, maybe 3 teams vs. everyone else.