Wednesday Night XanBats Season 2, #3

1 Ryder (FYC)
1 Phillip C. “KDZ” Atkinson (FYC)
3 Steve Harrison
4 MagnetoManiac
5 Dark Child
5 InfernoOmni
7 Lud
9 Joe Kim
9 Perfect Sin
9 Chemist For Hire
9 Sayco
13 Rugal B.
13 Mr. Agua
13 Moroha
17 skisonic
17 Umthrfkr
17 Wallstreet
17 Mike Weezie
17 MarlinPie (FYC)
17 Tomass
17 Robert
17 Kenny
25 Doc
25 Spiff
25 Asian Daisy
25 Top Katt
25 QR
25 Air Marshall
25 Kyle
25 Upas
33 Exodus
33 Spinning Beat/Kyari
33 Malcolm
33 Ketchy Ketch
33 Phil
33 HAL
33 Bibulus
33 Thomas
33 MuffinMan

First of all, thanks to Jersey for coming down. Definitely good matches. Hopefully this will be motivation for people to step their shit up. As if Evo being next week shouldn’t be enough, we can’t let dudes come down and body our shit. Whatever though. Even still… it was definitely cool to get some more out of town presence on Wednesday. Good shit to Jersey for not reading the thread. You guys are pot-committed now.

Stay tuned for what we’re doing next week, if we’re doing anything. I’ll have to see who’s gonna be in town that can run something, if possible. Definitely nothing for points, but I’ll try to see if anything is possible.

Anyway, speaking of points:

Current Standings

  1. MagnetoManiac 30 pts
  2. Lud 30 pts
  3. Ryder 19 pts
  4. KDZ 19 pts
  5. Eric Kim 16 pts
  6. NinjaCW 12 pts
  7. Steve H 12 pts
  8. Asian Daisy 10 pts
  9. umthrfkr 10 pts
  10. InfernoOmni 10 pts
  11. HAV 8 pts
  12. Hal 8 pts
  13. Perfect Sin 6 pts
  14. Dark Child 4 pts
  15. DevilJin01 4 pts
  16. SECS 4 pts
  17. HBRD 4 pts
  18. Shin Ryan 2 pts
  19. Jaguar 2 pts
  20. skisonic 1 pt
  21. Moroha 1 pt
  22. Mr. Agua 1 pt
  23. Nick 1pt


Maaaaaaaaggggggggggggg Maaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnn!!!

Tourny was sorta live when Jersey came through, nice meeting people even though i didnt really talk to many people lol. Il try to come next week and actually play more.

I wonder if people will notice that there are two first places?



turn it up

Big ups to Jersey for bringing strong game. The competition / hype level was fantastic. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jersey came through again to make good on their points. GGs everyone I played, especially Pat Van Pelt.

venue was godlike

getting home at 730 was not =/

i got blown up extra special.

i need to come back and reclaim my soul.

Whose side are you on, Josh!? :nunchuck:

lol jkjk. It’s been a long time; how you been?

I noticed. :china:

Good shit to you guys; maybe next time I won’t get DQ’ed and actually be able to play some of you in the tourney, lol.

Shoutouts to Bartlett, ski, Sam, and Tom for getting my ass DQ’ed… at least I had a blast. :rofl:

And shoutouts to Rock Band for being an awesomely hype game!! RUNDAT NEXT WEEK!!!

…speaking of next week, what’s good, Hav?..

good shit to jersey coming down, sorry if i didnt intro myself properly, some of the stream equip was fucking up last night so i was in a bad mood.
and yeah rb2 nation loool

Can we really get a RB2 tourney next week? I’m getting hype just thinking about it.

What’s good, Upas? You gonna come next week with RB2?

Shit just keeps gettin better. Hype from the jump. And now NJ committed? Hell yeah. Keep the states comin.

Shout outs to Omni for not scaring after first set and to me for scaring after the first set even though my ass won it.

Maybe you’ll win that ditto match next time hahahah… I said ditto

Shout outs to Joe Kim for lettin down the fans

Shout outs to NJ and their dirty tricks. That was some really good shit i learned.

Shouts to MD/VA who hopefully now will start playing the game a little more. Hav where’s that monologue I requested.

I move next Tuesday so I dunno if I’ll be free next week but then again with evo on the horizon may not be missing much if anything at all.

it’s very clear that RB2 needs to be a staple at xanbats.

Jersey got no dirty tricks, they’re just dirty period.

3s was godlike next time i expect u to turn up the heat

Next time I’m NOT going to lose to Joe Kim, and try not to lose to Steve H as always. I didn’t get a shot to protect the house.

Good shit to Jersey, Xanbats was definitely more hype with your presence.


md/va is now known as NJ/DE


md/va is now known as NJ/DE


snookums > magman in 3S.

magman is free in 3s