Wednesday Night Xanbats Season 2, #7

1 EX MagMan (BA/RU/AB) – 20pts
2 HAV (AB) – 16pts
3 DevilJin01 (IB/CV) – 12pts
4 Steve H (SA/FE) – 8pts
5 iNerd (CA/CH) – 4pts
5 Umthrfkr (HO/BI/BA/BL) – 4pts
7 rugi (AK) – 2pts
7 Dark Child (BA) – 2pts
9 Joe Kim
9 Rugal B.
9 Vivaldi
9 M Squared
13 sayco
13 Mike Weezie
13 Strogg
13 BChan
17 Serf
17 Doc
17 QR
17 Upas
17 BS
17 boddabing
17 Alec
17 CoCoaZilla

EX MagMan makes sure to keep some of his EX meter for the final battle, and comes out of losers to take GFs. Great tournament overall. Next week is the last week! There are still points up for grabs!

Current Standings

  1. MagnetoManiac 86 pts
  2. Lud 64 pts
  3. Steve H 52 pts
  4. HAV 36 pts
  5. NinjaCW 25 pts
  6. Eric Kim 20 pts
  7. Ryder 19 pts
  8. KDZ 19 pts
  9. DevilJin01 16pts
  10. Perfect Sin 16 pts
  11. InfernoOmni 15 pts
  12. umthrfkr 14pts
  13. RyRy 12 pts
  14. Asian Daisy 10 pts
  15. magneto_x 10 pts
  16. Boda 10pts
  17. Joe Kim 8 pts
  18. Hal 8 pts
  19. QR 8 pts
  20. Top Kat 8 pts
  21. Dark Child 8 pts
  22. Moroha 7 pt
  23. BBHood01 6 pts
  24. caliagent 4 pts
  25. SECS 4 pts
  26. HBRD 4 pts
  27. Jaguar 4 pts
  28. Sayco 4 pts
  29. Triple Agent 4pts
  30. iNerd 4pts
  31. strogg 2 pts
  32. Koop 2 pts
  33. Apostle 2 pts
  34. Shin Ryan 2 pts
  35. rugi 2 pts
  36. skisonic 1 pt
  37. Mr. Agua 1 pt
  38. Air Marshall 1pt
  39. Nick 1 pt
  40. GIMR 1 pt
  41. Doc 1 pt
  42. MuffinMan 1 pt



Troll is by far the most powerful troll

I’m so already prepared to be on the highlight reel next week lol Thanks pat

Shout out to MagMan for being a Top PSN Player. If I had to lose to somebody, I’m glad it was a fellow Top PSN Player :rofl:

Rugi trying to come up on XBL… It’s just not the same.

You’re right. XBL is far superior to PSN. I tried to prepare for alot of my awkward matchups this week, but I somehow forgot about viper. And XBL fei-longs were blowing me up free all week but I didn’t think I had to worry about it at Xanbats… But now I know.

You niggas are lucky my boy jewelman didn’t show up to take some names.

Yo Rugi when do you play on XBL? I want that salty runback.

nah i think mags dancing takes the cake. cdubs dance was aight. now we got ex magman hittin the floor.

When Steve H hit you with that far jab tenshin I was all “Mike told me about it, but did he tell YOU.” lol

Grand finals was really close. HAV got much better at the Rog match, I couldn’t get away with back dashing or anything lol. I had to dig deep down in my 7-3 match up lists to find a character for that.

Steve playing on PSN is gdlk.

I don’t even remember what dance I did, I’m about to go look. I bet it was something really dumb lol.

Shoutouts to Joe Kim getting double barrel’d by VA, in runbacks. Although my win is funnier cuz he used Honda x 2 with no sandbagging. I’m glad no one likes losing to me since I talk mad shit :devil:

Shoutouts to “momma packed lunch today” shows brown bag with bottle in it.

Also, Matt Coma getting hype was pretty sick. Wonder how he woulda been if he won lol.