Wednesday Night XanBats Season 2--Baltimore, MD--Weekly Live Stream

**Super Street Fighter 4 Ranbats at Xanadu Games- Baltimore, Maryland

Xanadu Games
3921 Suite B Vero Rd
Baltimore 21227 MD


8PM Prompt Start Time**

Tournament will run through

If you haven’t been to Xanadu, there are 4 HD monitors running perfectly lagless, as well as CRT’s.

How Does This Work?

Venue Fee- $5 (if you’re not a Xanadu member… you could always purchase a monthly membership for $20…)
Entry Fee- $5 (per session)

Tournaments will be on PS3, the EVO standard.


Now, here’s where it gets fun. Instead of just doing a 2/3, Double Elim bracket every week, we’re gonna switch this up. I want to run as many different types of tournaments as is feasible, and change it week to week. So for example, one week may be normal, 2/3 Double Elim bracket, and the next week may be 3-on-3 teams, the next week may be Single Game, Single Elim (Japanese style), with the next week being 2-on-2, Random Teams, Waseda Style…

You get the idea.

I’ll update the 2nd post in this thread with whatever the format is going to be for the week.

This will be an 8-week season, with points accruing over the course of the 8 weeks. Prizes are as follows:

1st- 30% of pot
2nd- 20%
3rd- 15%
4th- 12%
5th- 10%
6th- 7%
7th- 4%
8th- 2%

Point System

Singles Events

1st- 20 pts
2nd- 16 pts
3rd- 12 pts
4th- 8 pts
5th- 4 pts
7th- 2 pts

Team Events

1st- 10 pts
2nd- 8 pts
3rd- 6 pts
4th- 4 pts
5th- 2 pts
7th- 1 pt

These are the points that accrue week to week, and add up to the point total in the end.

As always, events will be streamed live by Moroha and protomanSTi, which is always fun, with weekly innovations… don’t get caught out there on that 720p Salty Cam?.

Come out to level up. This is for ALL players, regardless of skill. Come play the best in the DMV! The community needs you. Let’s all improve together.

Update: 8-5-10

EX MagMan makes sure to keep some of his EX meter for the final battle, and comes out of losers to take GFs. Great tournament overall. Next week is the last week! There are still points up for grabs!

Current Standings

  1. MagnetoManiac 86 pts
  2. Lud 64 pts
  3. Steve H 52 pts
  4. HAV 36 pts
  5. NinjaCW 25 pts
  6. Eric Kim 20 pts
  7. Ryder 19 pts
  8. KDZ 19 pts
  9. DevilJin01 16pts
  10. Perfect Sin 16 pts
  11. InfernoOmni 15 pts
  12. umthrfkr 14pts
  13. RyRy 12 pts
  14. Asian Daisy 10 pts
  15. magneto_x 10 pts
  16. Boda 10pts
  17. Joe Kim 8 pts
  18. Hal 8 pts
  19. QR 8 pts
  20. Top Kat 8 pts
  21. Dark Child 8 pts
  22. Moroha 7 pt
  23. BBHood01 6 pts
  24. caliagent 4 pts
  25. SECS 4 pts
  26. HBRD 4 pts
  27. Jaguar 4 pts
  28. Sayco 4 pts
  29. Triple Agent 4pts
  30. iNerd 4pts
  31. strogg 2 pts
  32. Koop 2 pts
  33. Apostle 2 pts
  34. Shin Ryan 2 pts
  35. rugi 2 pts
  36. skisonic 1 pt
  37. Mr. Agua 1 pt
  38. Air Marshall 1pt
  39. Nick 1 pt
  40. GIMR 1 pt
  41. Doc 1 pt
  42. MuffinMan 1 pt

MAD Hate :mad: / N-Groove Productions

July 28, 2010


Singles:Single Match/Single Elim

Yes… it’s back. Character lock. Don’t lose.

This season will have a revamped visual theme on stream. Be ready.

cant wait for the new visuals. it makes me want to be a stream monster with the gdlk shit you and jon have done with the stream. hands down the best stream in the us.

ninja edit: sweet. hopefully im not in tonamento top 20 so my team can be broken. gdlk. tonamento may actually be useful even if for one tournament.

yo I really am going to try and make it next wednesday. my only issue is that it’s a 2 hour drive from where I live, and I work until 5 on wednesdays. so by the time I leave, I may or may not be late.

Tonamento, eh? Anything can happen at this point.

DevilJin needs to be on my team.

= ( gdlk team tournament and I can’t go. I’ll try to make week 2.

Also, do I need to bring a fitted hat for one of the hat drawings? Wouldn’t want to be in the heart of Baltimore with anything else.

what about characters. do we have to stick with one specific character or can we switch it up.

Character lock.

Mags, just wear the suit.

Good shit


edit : Hey, how about if you get two niggas that use the same character on the same team? Also, can we do a blind pick @ the start of the ranbat between seeds? I might have a counter pick to end all, but I wanna make sure it works before I do it : /.

You should be locked in on that char mag don’t think you can counter it up sir.

SIR!! I know I won’t counter it up the whole season.

I just know what character everyone else is gonna play, but I don’t want them to change it up if they find out who I am playing. Y’know what I’m sayin’…I gotta take these measures…lol…

Ok so let’s see here. In tonamento’s data base, we WON’T be having a team consisting of…

Joe Kim

So that STILL leaves 7 players who are seeded and get to pick out of a hat. I guess it will be manually chosen? I don’t even think tonamento could seed after that point.

Basically, it’s like playing singles with a random on your team. YO OUUUUUUGH!!!

its the pvfp lottery

it would be pretty hilarious if iTurd ended up being my partner.

I am going to try to come thru tomorrow… what time do the festivities start. wanna see what yall youngins doin an such.

Get there like at 7 koop thats when its pretty packed. I will be there at 3 so if you come earlier come holla.

See you guys later today.
Don’t get caught slippin on the salty cam!

I’ll make it as long as iNerd can.

Teams is gonna be serious.

As promised, I got one pick that fits all. The only thing better is if I get a partner with the same character.