Wednesday Night Xanbats Season 2 Finale

Week 8 Results

  1. Perfect Sin (DH)
  2. Lud (RY/CH)
  3. PVP (BL/BI)
  4. MagMan (DA/AB)
  5. Steve H (SK/SA/FE)
  6. Rugal B (AK)
  7. Eric Kim (AK/SA)
  8. ultradavid (HA)

Thanks to everyone for coming out, especially Robin and David… haven’t seen those two in a little while now. Bartlett comes out with a bang, and wins the last week, coming from out of the points, to make a top 4 overall finish, then beating me in the tiebreaker. I don’t like it.

MagMan trolls it up with Dan, and again, I come out on the losing side, unable to keep it classy with Dudley.

The hype of the night clearly goes to Coma v. Bchan CvS2 Salty Runback. Youtube needs this immediately.

Final Standings

  1. MagnetoManiac
  2. Lud
  3. Steve H
  4. Perfect Sin
  5. HAV
  6. PVP
  7. NinjaCW
  8. Eric Kim

OH! - Xanadu Games: SSF4 Live! - B Chan vs Matt Coma, The Salty Run Back

after ur done watching that set,
please watch
for the full effect

Like I said on stream chat last night if anyone wants to make an vatar of that for me I’d be so happy :tup:

that shit was awesome…

Man, I’d WILD OUT too if someone started playing guile’s theme as soon as I won.=D

I wish I lived in the area or could go to these tournaments, they’re always so hype.

forgot to give a shout out to joekimN and his pot monster shirt

lol except thats not what happened


That’s totally what happened. I was there. I wondered who put on the Guile theme, but whatever. Shit was epic.

yeah that really did happen lane. you should have been there.

stop chasing waterfalls Lane

Good shit bartlett! sim sim sim simmmmmmmm

It was real good seeing you guys. Glad so many of you came out, nice catching up. I’ll probably be back yearly or so, hopefully see you all sooner than that though. You guys are so hype heh, I miss that. We get crazy in SoCal sometimes but MD/VA definitely takes the prize.

Sorry my Hakan isn’t up to snuff yet, but it’ll get there. Good stuff Bartlett, you’ve really leveled up.

Wait ultradavid was there visiting family? WTF?

Yeah, David, advance notice next year please?

Sounds like you guys are just gonna have to come every week on the off chance that ill be there.

Yeah, I’ll let you know, woulda been cool to see you two.

Thanks Ultra Dave for gracing us with that Cali presence. I wanna see Hakan do good things soon. Looking forward to it.

Oh and Matt Coma.

Shoutouts to EX Perfect Sin actually being EX’d ftw.

Shoutouts to Matt Coma for being a Vampire Savior veteran without playing the game.

lol that makes this funnier I guess

I swear on my life that coma is my favorite player in every game