Wednesday Night Xanbats Season 3, #1

1 Lud (CH)
2 MagnetoManiac (BA/AB/GL)
3 HAV (AB)
4 rugi (AK)
5 Ryan “perfectsin” Bartlett (DH)
5 iNerd (CH/CA)
7 Steve Harrison (FE/SA)
7 NinjaCW (IB)
9 Dark Child
9 Rugal B.
9 Triple Agent
9 BChan
13 Strogg
13 QR
13 Doc
13 Boom
17 Top Katt
17 Rel Jin
17 Moroha
17 Hector “ketchy kech” Perez
17 Phil B
17 Black Flame
17 Joe Kim
17 Spinning Beat
25 Hontsi
25 Mitch
25 ZeroOOO

Great start to Season 3. Lots of good matches. I still can’t fight Chun for shit…

I’ll update with points later, but I just want to say one thing before I pass out: I was happy to see the placings for this week, as I really think they represent the players that have put the most time into learning SSF4, and the players that know the most about the game. For all the complaining that gets done about the game, for the most part, the players that know the most, and have the most answers for the most situations, are the players that are winning, and I hope everyone pays attention and tries to up their own game.

Til next week…

Yo Sp00ky saltmine??:cool:


Zerp what happened :sad:

I think I’ve plateaued prematurely. I need to figure some things out. Reading shit on SRK is one thing, but I have to get some things to sink in on this game. I’m getting that far just on execution (when I’m not playing like ass) and general SF knowledge (a lot of which does not apply to this game). So I lose to the same 5 or 6 people every time. No offense or arrogance, but I feel like if I could get these things down, I can win this thing. Anyone want to help a brother out?

Trips dudes are at Xan… seems like every day now. I’m more than willing to help you out however. Just post up when you wanna session.

Nerdjosh- I had to break that shit up a little bit.

i see that magman and lud got that spooky powerup (aka the dojo.) No surprise they got 1st and 2nd. :slight_smile:

…actually i woulda said the same thing about anyone that went to spookys house and got top 2 day after. lol.

bartlett,l i see you in there man

I appreciate it. I will try to carve out some extra time to get in some playing to learn. Since I’m there on Sunday, I will probably bring my TE and get in on K-Groove Sundays between rounds and get it in there.

I’m not cheap enough!! Lud is cheaper :(!!!

EX-Bartlett is so slippery :expressionless:

Man, dead last. this aint good.

Haven’t gone 0-2 in a while