Wednesday Night Xanbats Season 3, #2

  1. Bartlett (DH)
  2. Lud (CH)
  3. HAV (AB)
    4th place: Steve H (GU/FE/SA)
    5th place tie: iNerd (CA/CH), DevilJin (CV)
    7th place tie: Rugal B (BI/AB), Rugi (AK)
    9th place tie: Zerp, Dark Child, QR, Snookums
    13th place tie: Caliagent, TripleAgent, BBHood, Strogg
    17th place tie: BChan, Doc, Muffin, Coma, Spinning Beat

Good shit guys. I’ll tally up points for the first two weeks later today, and post that up.

Full Bracket:

Current Standings

  1. Lud-- 18 pts
  2. Bartlett-- 12 pts
  3. HAV-- 12 pts
  4. MagnetoManiac-- 10 pts
  5. Rugi-- 5 pts
  6. Steve H-- 5 pts
  7. iNerd-- 4 pts
  8. Devil Jin-- 2 pts
  9. Rugal B.-- 1 pt
  10. NinjaCW-- 1 pt


damn perfect sin winning in tough matchups? (chun/abel vs sim)? good shit bartlett I like that.

i beat devil jin’s viper 2-0 as well (respect to JB) and fought matt coma’s cammy. 2nd tourny win where i go undefeated even in grand finals. thanx for the tips again arturo

Hey… it was down to the last round with me…

MD/VA has been free to Sim since Vanilla though… We gotta step that shit up.

I heard Pat stood there like a statue.

ah damn, I would’ve taken this one too. gs guys.

I have to step my stick game up.

resumes training mode

lol at refusing to run my shit. I know there was no Rufus but where’s the dash in -> step kick on the back dashes sir. Jumping at back dashes is just ok but they can evade it again.

Good shit to Bartlett, winning with only Sim.