Wednesday Night Xanbats Season 3, # 3

1 Lud (RO)
2 Steve Harrison (GU/SA)
3 Ryan “perfectsin” Bartlett (DH)
4 ZeroOOO (AD/KE)
5 DevilJin01 (CV)
5 caliagent (CA/RY)
7 iNerd (CA)
7 Joe Kim (CV/HO)
9 BBhood01
9 Rugal B.
9 Triple Agent
13 Shin Ryan
13 Doc
13 Boom
13 Alex
17 Strogg
17 Rel Jin
17 Kevin
17 Spinning Beat
17 Luis
17 Z

Current Standings

  1. Lud-- 28 pts
  2. Bartlett-- 18 pts
  3. Steve H-- 13 pts
  4. HAV-- 12 pts
  5. MagnetoManiac-- 10 pts
  6. Rugi-- 5 pts
  7. Steve H-- 5 pts
  8. iNerd-- 5 pts
  9. Zerp-- 4 pts
  10. Devil Jin-- 2 pts
  11. caliagent-- 2 pts
  12. Joe Kim-- 1 pt
  13. Rugal B.-- 1 pt
  14. NinjaCW-- 1 pt

Good session guys. Sorry I left so early. Good shit to Jeff for getting 4th. I wish I had stayed to see that. Oh well.

Lock-in on Friday, followed by monthly on Saturday. Hope to see everyone there… especially at the lock-in, as I just might get that rare chance to play casuals.

Shout out to SpinningBeat01, of course for providing the random.

Yo zerppppppp

That guy

Shoutouts to Yung Zerp doing his thing.

Shoutouts to Steve playing his favorite game.

Shoutouts to two 9th place placers about to lose their money this Saturday.

Shoutouts to Lud being so cheap and always having a 10 point lead in ranbats.

THAT guy

gs zerp

As of yesterday, HAV has officially proclaimed (with the help of my brother of course) an official '01 Braxton brother. :bgrin:

I will be more than happy to do whatever I can to get you playing as good as I know you can Spinning Beat, you’ve just gotta be in it to win it. This is the life of competitive fighting games. Everyone is working really hard here at Xanadu Games and want to win as much as everyone else.

I can definitely say that I’m in the deep hole also as far as I’ve been performing but I feel like I’m on my own here because I have no other resources besides match vids, forums, and most importantly game time because I’m the only person playing my character and plan on staying with her throughout. But one thing I’m definitely NOT gonna do is walk away and pull a salty forfeit because I know that’s not what Justin did three years ago at Evo in Marvel when he had nothing but Scott Summers left on his team.

Just hang in there man. Set some goals for yourself this fiscal year, watch other Ibuki players and learn from them, and don’t give up.

PS. That’s the DJ “Big Grin Seal of Approval” right there. :rofl:

Kyo-3 in the house.

The third Kyo clone?:tup:

What is this about Kyo clones?