Weed + SF4

I’ve been noticing that whenever I get blunted and play, my skill level is much higher than when I play sober. I consistently hit links that give me trouble and generally have a much easier time dealing with tough opponents.

Anyone else notice this?
It seems like the more stoned I am, the better I play.

There is no rule that says you can’t get blazed then play in tourneys, test your might, i’m thinking you get semifinals

i think this goes in fighting game discussion.

at least i think it does. i’m pretty high tho.

I’m an avid smoker, and an avid player.

I have done multiple tourneys in the last year sober, and multiple tourneys blazed.

My opinion on this is that being blazed doesn’t really help performance, and if you have to wait a really long time for your bracket to come up, it can actually make shit worse if you are all tired and coming down by the time your match starts. However, if you can get into that “sweet spot” in your high where you have a ton of energy, then it can help a bit I suppose.




I didnt think this kinda topic was allowed. Anyhow, I do worse when I smoke but its more fun.

I don’t see how people do “better” in tournament when high.
When stoned it’s a lot harder to concentrate on what’s going on in the game, and your re-action time is decreased dramatically. Good luck breaking throws, it’s not gonna happen.

If you don’t suffer these effects when playing, your smoking the wrong shit, lol ;p

However, when your drunk that is a different story.
Depending how drink you get, you may be able to pull off combos than you were never able to pull off sober, honestly. This has happened to me in many cases, but hitting my opponent was an issue. Thing is, when you take in one too many drinks, you just overall fail.

Actually many well bred Sativa strains do NOT slow you down at all, but that is probably a discussion for another thread/forum/time.

It’s a double edged sword. Sometimes playing casuals I notice that I’m significantly better but sometimes in tourneys I get a little paranoid when playing 3s.

It slows down the play so it’s easier to hit links in SF4. Sometimes I take a more detailed approach after, like matches become problems and my playstyle is the formula. The moves and characters I imagine as variables that can be calculated to an end. Any character can win only if the variables are in right places. This may seem strange because it definitely seems strange to me prior to smoking.

I don’t know about that. There are “different types” that will keep you in an “ok” state, but in the end you won’t be high or in the trip you want to be vs the other stuff. Of course, not going hardcore here or anything.
But yeah, best for another discussion…

yeah man but have you ever looked at a dollar bill…on weed??

gamefaqs is ----> way

Actually, the winner of the 70-man tourney I went to this weekend was high for winners’ and grand finals.


weed can help you parry better. the way i see it, by “zoning out” you actually “get into the zone”

this only works for me with headies. ditch weed just makes me tired.

Cocaine helps.

You probably just think you’re playing better but you’re actually baked.

Drinking antifreeze works even better.

some of my best matches EVER have been while I was high and I usually smoke when I play. Mixup is always baked when he plays. Soo mighty is pot head from the stories about his super weed I hear here and there. Eric fucking V aka exists plays high all the time. Combofiend likes to play while drinking. My boy potent shell aka secret killa aka white shadow is always high and he’s fucking god like! kajoq who is one of the usa’s best vampire savior players plays high all the time as well.

weed\alcohol doesn’t affect every person the same way. I can focus better when I blaze and I’m typically calmer as well. The altered state seems to work for some people and it doesn’t for others.

In my experience, I tend to suck when I’m baked. However, its more fun to watch others play

Like the other post said, with alcohol you do shit that you would never think of.

Around denjin, bud is the steroids of SF. We’re taking steps to implement mandatory pre tournament drug testing.

its called ‘muscle memory’…you practice a lot sober or gone it doesn’t matter for the most part

sober = over thinking happens much more often
drunk/high = more relaxed and just let that muscle memory flow

i can do great in either state and have