**WEEK 7** STBL Show questions Thread!

WEEK 7 STBL Show questions Thread!!

Hello everyone… thank you all for watching and making each episode a success.

** Special Patch show ** Week 7’s show will be next SUNDAY June 19th. We are going to schedule to start at 7pm pacific, 10pm eastern again.

Please post all your questions here to make it easier for us to find during the show. Also keep the character specific questions related to the 3 characters listed below. General questions are always welcome… Thanks

Week 7 character Lineup:

  1. Nightwolf
  2. Cyrax
    We will also cover every character we have already featured on previous shows. This will include all updated information including the recent patch.

Order of events:

  1. Coverage of all question threads (mku/tym/srk/trmk)
  2. Character specific strategy and tips with live or previously recorded game play
  3. Open questions from our live viewers.

General question: How come some of the things that were supposed to be patched, but didnt?
Stuff like kanos up ball,and Sindel being able to combo 2,1 into scream?

Nightwolf question:What can i do if nightwolf starts to spam his charge? I play Shang Tsung so uppercut is out of the question.

Cyrax Question: Now that the patch has been put in the game, will Human Cyrax be a better choice compared to Robot?
if not, what advantages will Robot have over human?

First off just wanna say I love the show guys, keep up the good work!

I was just wondering if you could go over Cyrax’s bomb trap and what exactly got changed with it. Can you still get a guaranteed bomb off the trap? Does it require a different set up now etc? Are there more options for opponents to get out of it?

Thanks in advanced guys, with much love from Australia - Flatts

This is a character situational question…

Sub vs Reptile: As Sub Zero

Both characters are full screen
Reptile in the corner
Reptile is throwing fast acid balls mixed with spits
Reptile player has breaker
Both lifebars are even @ 50% roughly

So let’s say both are playing projectile wars and I decide to ex ice shot to win projectile war in terms of time and damage(meaning I get hit with fast acid ball but can recover and still dash in and jump 2, 2,1,4 slide.

In this situation, I KNOW the reptile is going to breaker. Is it better to just do regular ice shot and keep Reptile in the corner to continue pressure while having him keep his meter, or is it better to attempt the combo, having Reptile breaker and risk having Reptile move out of the corner.

On the one hand, I feel that Sub Zero is really good with dealing single doses of hits and maintaining pressure (example. sweep, overhead 4 into ice shot, raw ice shot into continued pressure, mixing up sweeps and 2,2’s.)

On the other hand if the Reptile breakers, they lose meter, but I lose position and risk losing corner pressure.

Which is the right approach? Thanks

@ Silent:

I like the music on the show, keep it up. :slight_smile:

After all the patches, who do you think are Sub Zero’s hardest matchups and why?