weekend projects


hi ya peeps it’s been a while since I’ve been on here I’ve finally had a weekend spare one of the projects was carjacking a xbox one s controller that that the rt button didn’t work Into a six button case it’s the first time I’ve been sucessfull carjacking and second job was finally after a year of preparing I’ve finally got brook universal fighting board fitted in my te2


Nice work.

Two comments:

  1. You should rotate your pics of your arcade sticks; doesn’t really make sense to have the full frontal view sideways;
  2. This is more suited to be posted in this thread http://forums.shoryuken.com/discussion/75228/check-out-my-new-arcade-stick-no-image-quoting#latest rather than creating a thread on its own.


Never heard it called “carjacking” before. Anyway, why didn’t you just get a EZ Mod kit from arcadeshock.com so you could keep the led and lock functionality of the TE2? It’s not much more than a Brook board with the EZ Mod PCB included.


car jacking lol bloody corrective spelling the problem for me is because I’m in the UK for me to buy the ez mod would be extortion ok it would be easier but would still technically lose both buttons because I don’t use the lock feature and that te2 don’t have the led lights plus I can wire them up to my specification ie touch pad key for when playing on a ps4 and maybe the turbo key