Weekend Ranking Games (A3/VS)

I want to hold some ranking battles on the weekends for SFA3 and VS that are based on a point system. You don’t have to be here when we begin the games, but to get points you need to play within that duration meaning you can join anytime and still participate. All you have to do is be registered and in the designated place. (irc, server…)

Basically everyone will start out with a certain amount of points and the winner of the best 3 of 5 of one game will take a 1/3 of the loser’s points. However, if 1/3 of the winner’s points do not exceed or equal that of the loser’s points, then the winner will take 1/3 of his/her points. Because there will be no brackets players will be matched up randomly during the duration of the games. So how many points someone gets is based on who they fight and how often they win.

Ex. (assuming everyone starts with 30 points with the possibility of 5 games going on at once)

p1(L-30pts) vs p2 (W-30pts)

So by p2 beating p1, p2 would take 10 points from p1. That means.

p1(20pts) p2(40pts)

We wait for the other 4 or more games to finish caculate everyones points and re-assign the players to different opponents.

p2(L-40pts) vs p5 (W-90pts)

P5 beat p2 so p5 will take 13 pts from p2. 12 x 3=36… 13 x 3=39 14 x 3= 42 We will use the 1/3 that doesn’t exceed the losers points which in this case is 13.

p3(W-1pts) vs p6 (L-75pts)

p3 is not taking 25 pts from p6, because 1/3 of p3’s points do not equal or exceed that of p6 base pts. Therefore, p3 will take 1/3 of his own points which means he will get 1 pt. Because there are no brackets anyone can face anyone.

At the end of the duration, players points are totaled, we rank the participants and the points are held till next weekend. New participants will start with 30 points like anyone else and can join in anytime during any duration as long as they are registered.

Note: Players final score at the end of a duration have to equal or exceed 40 to be kept until next weekend. Players who have less then this will start with 30 next weekend.

If enough people think this will work, I’ll start and try organizing this.


One game per day on the weekends between ____p.m and _____p.m can registered players can play each other to get points. We have at least six players, but up to 10 or more playing at one time, then traditionally players will report their wins and losses. Points are tallied and we begin more games. Because of the duration, registered players can participate anytime and join in anytime.

I wanted to try this for SF3 as well, but I hear there is something going on for that. Fri-A3 Sat-SF3 Sun-VS or something like that. Dunno if I can manage three games or anyone even plays VS anymore.

I’ll play put me up. Or whatever I need to do to get registered.

This is my first time trying to hold one of these so bare with me. I’ll make another thread to officially declare it with participants, rules, emu, server, etc. etc. This thread is describing and discussing the format.** In the meantime, you can register here with what kaillera nick you will be using so I can identify you.
This Saturday between 5-8 p.m, we will be playing SFA3. You need to register the kaillera nick you will be under during the duration of the games. Once you are registered or signed up, you can join us anytime during the duration period. You don’t have to be with us at 5 in and you don’t have to stay till 8. You just have to be registered and play during that time against registered users to get points. Sunday we will do the same thing (time maybe different), but for VS provided enough people are still playing it. Otherwise, I’d like to implement the idea for SF3 or another game.

…People still play VS.

There is even an IRC channel. ._.

I thought so, but I haven’t seen any VS Ranbats being run in a while. I was never able to participate though because of the time it was being held…

Yeah, that’s why the VS ranbats died. Saturdays suck. :sad: