Weeklies Canceled

Well guys, it’s been a pleasure running these weeklies for the past month or so and I want to thank everyone that’s entered. Turn out has been dropping though and I’ve been getting pretty busy lately, so I just don’t think they’re worth the effort for me to run anymore when I could be doing other stuff. If someone would like to pick up the legacy and start running some weeklies their self, you’re more than welcome to. The site I used for brackets is http://www.bracketmaker.com/ . Thanks again everyone, and happy brawling! I may return to run them again one day when I’m less busy.


4 - DSquirrel
4 - Orochi Zoolander
3 - The Damned
2 - Yeb
1 - Swoops
1 - BeanSRK

I have a time conflict with the first tourney, but I just wanted to say that you can’t save replays for anything exceeding 3 minutes.

Great time for my computer to die. Can’t participate in any of these for awhile… Otherwise I’d like to note the lack of replays as well.

I want to be in as many as there are

Well, I wanted to be able to do matches like most serious tournaments do with 3 stock but I guess replays are important too so, let me change some of the rules around for you guys.

Would Sunday work for you? I have another tournament to go to in person next saturday but I could run it sunday if that works for everyone.

Edit scratch that, that’s Mother’s day, we’ll just have to stick with Wednesday unless someone else wants to run it saturday.

I’ll try to get in these as my schedule allows. Having them at 10 (CST) at night helps me out greatly with this, so I might be getting in more of these than I figured I would. Then again, with Mario Kart out…I might not. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit – I’m retarded and thought it was PST and not EST. ^^; Have fun, guys.

Might be able to make the 8:00. I also need to get a feel for how my Olimar plays.

GGs Samurai. Sorry about my connection problem I’ll try to fix them by the next online tournament.

It’s all good. I’ll just sit this one out and see how it goes. I do wish you would change the rules so that you can save replays though.

Alright, we just finished our preliminary “warm up” tourney to get a feel for things. I think 2 stock, 3 minutes is just too short. A lot of the time it ended in sudden death with me at like 0 % and the other guy at 100, it was getting pretty frustrating. I forgot to save most of my replays sadly, but I think 3 stock 7 minute time limit would probably be best.

If everyone unanimously agrees that they want the matches to be quicker for the sake of replays though, I’ll have to give in. Lemme hear what you guys have to say about it.

I’m going to try my best to be apart of the tournament on May 7th. If I am able to, I will definately record all of my matches (hopefully). Also, xS A M U R A Ix, if you need any replays converted, you can send them to me and I will convert them if you like. I will just need about a week to do so.

What program do you use for conversion? I might need to pick it up myself.

I use Xilisoft Video Converter 3. It is free to download, and will convert the first 5 minutes if you do not pay for it. If you do in fact pay for it, you can convert videos past the 5 minute mark. However, I first have to use a capture card to capture the replays, then I convert them to .wmv in order to edit them and upload them to YouTube.

I’m kind of new on this forum, so if I want to participate in the Ranking Battle, I only have to go on the chat #srkbrawltourney on Wednesday 8PM EST to give my name right oO I am just asking to not like show up on the channel that day and like losing my time since I didn’t give my name or I cannot participate for some reasons…

Before, I could never make it to the SRK tournies because it was always on Tuesdays… I should be able to go to this one.

I think 3 stocks is great, but I doubt matches are going to go to 7 minutes unless we turtle like crazy.

Yeah that’s all you gotta do, pretty simple.

Jammar: Yeah I’ve been playing with 7 minutes on it probably is a bit much, it’s mainly just to prevent run away forever though, so I think i’ll take it down to 6.

I’ma try and remember to show up for this. :wink:

Sweet, hope you can make it out Corey.

2 Stock 4 Minute is another option we’ve been doing at our weekly ranbat here in town. We used 2 stock 3 minute for recording purposes at first but we went to time in 3/4 of our matches. So we upped it to 4 minutes and it’s been going pretty smoothly ever since with only about 1 in 5 matches (at most) ending in time, and that’s usually just when we get two people who are both pretty even in skill and are afraid of getting anywhere near the other person.

It’s an option if you want to cut down on time. Otherwise, I’d recommend 3 stock 7 minute. For some odd reason, the 6 minute mark REALLY creeps up on you when you least expect it. Most matches won’t go over 6, and the few that do almost always get decided before 7.

Alright, I’ll take your advice and keep it on 7 minutes then. I really hate games ending in time when one person clearly has a lead, it’s unfair to them. I just want to make sure that the tournament keeps on going, so I gotta have some sort of time limit >_<