Weeklies Canceled


damn it, I cannot sign up to that IRC channel no matter how many times I try. I keeps giving messages saying I’m unable to connect to the server.


Yeah, efnet didn’t work for me either during the first tournament.

Just download mIRC and connect from there. Much, much easier. Even with the trial version.


I’m getting way to many headaches today. First I can’t sign up to that IRC channel to play in the tournament, now all three of my game systems are fucking up and won’t connect to my router. I’ll catch next weeks tournament.


bean here

ggs to everyone who could make it. i try to play next week as well

swoops you should change your name to stomps


Yeah, GGs to everyone. Definitely trying this again next week.


So how does everyone feel about the next one being items on? Any suggestions, complaints, etc etc?


Items on is fine for me. I’ll just have to use someone besides Olimar. Curse his lack of glide-toss distance…


First, I like to say good games to all who showed up on Wednesday night. I look forward to next week’s tournament. Now for the good stuff. I finally uploaded all my matches from Wednesday’s tournament. They can be found here:


This is also the place where I will be uploading future weekly tournament videos.


Since I didn’t get to play in this one (but now should be able to on this Wednesday), I’m confused by your question given the what it says at the top of the thread.

Weren’t all items except the healing ones already on? Are you saying that you want healing items on as well? Or is it something?

Personally, I think that enough of other tournaments trying to decide EVO’s rules–when is EVO, anyway?–have shown that some items are either broken or just huge time-wasters.

In the (naive? bored?) interest of attempting to start something of discussion, I would move that the healing items (at least the heart) stay off and that Super Spicy Curry, the Fan, Starman and maybe both Assist Trophies and the Golden Hammer are turned off (in that order).

I’d personally be fine with the just Super Spicy Curry and the Fan being off, but the others at best waste time trying to avoid them (for more Assist Trophies than Pokemon IMO) and at worst are sometimes unavoidable and thus a free stock for the person.

Speaking of which, were Final Smashes on?


First tourney (the one this last Wednesday) was items-off.


Yeah all items off. Next week’s is all items on except healing items. Personally I think all items are time wasters, but some people like them so I wanted to give a chance to them to play in the format they want to play in. I’m 99% certain evo will be no items for a lot of reasons, but yeah, till then we can keep alternating every week.

Lessee…Spicy Curry isn’t as broke as the fan, you can avoid it and it atleast encourages offense. Plus it runs out eventually. Starman also encourages offense so I don’t think it’s completely broke, you can avoid it for a bit if you have to. The fan is pretty retarded though but I atleast wanna run the first week with it to see how it goes.


hmmm…I’ve always wanted to jump into one of these tournements…depending on what my work schedule is looking like I may jump in…


Alright guys, new rules for the tournament since the Evo standard is up.


hey. Since it’s ran by evo rules, won’t we need a spectator? Otherwise (and i’m not saying I will, but someone else might), couldn’t I just say the other guy ran too much or some shit like that?

edit: to the person who left the comment “troll somewhere else”, don’t be stupid. I was looking at the rules, and I remember by experience how troublesome some tourneys can be (ex. when someone in a MvC2 tournament was losing, he “accidently” tripped the power cord. This same thing happened in a big SC tournament as well, and he actually went on to win that tournament). just because I’m honest doesn’t mean the next person will be.


Ehh don’t worry about that rule, lol.

I’ll be incorporating the ones that have to do with gameplay, I should say. Plus I trust you guys not to be retarded like that.


Ill probably show. But ive sworn off Wolf. Sonic all the way for me now.


I will also probably show, but I really have to find a new Gamecube controller tomorrow or else I probably won’t bother.

I mean, the up and down directions sticking sometime I could deal with for many characters, but I just discovered yesterday that it’s nigh impossible for me to run in the left direction. :annoy: :wtf:

I’m going to try and use Zamus all of tomorrow regardless.


Not if I blast through you with Sonic Speed!


Items are part of EVO rules? :looney:

I like to play with items for fun too but…


Sadly yes.

Best get used to it and find ways to deal with the brokeness, I don’t think there’s any turning back from this point. :wasted: