Weeklies Cancelled

Since there is virtually no interest left in these weeklies, I am going to cancel them. Maybe if interest peaks again I’ll go ahead and restart them. It has been fun hosting them, and good games to all that I have played. Also, thanks to all who did come out to these weeklies.

…items or GTFO.
50 bucks or gtfo.
listen to the man!

I’m in all of them

I doubt I’ll have access to the TV in my apt. at 9 on wednesdays anytime soon, but if I can snag it for a couple hours you’ll see me at a tournament. I think weekly online tournaments are a great idea

Will these be at random times or every wednesday cause I don’t know if I can make it…

I was planning on every Wednesday, but if a lot of people cannot make it on Wednesdays, I can always change the date and time of these weeklies.

I’m in.

Well I work five random nights per week so the only way I can get in garaunteed is if they were always 11 p.m. eastern or later. I may just tell my job that I need “X” nights off for this cause I really wanted to do the original ones.

Sweet, thanks for picking it up for me. I’ll try to make it out to these when I can and if you need any advice on running them, let me know man. Good shit!

Thanks for hosting the tournament, I think I’m going to keep choosing ZSS only for tournament play (online) for awhile. I had to step up my game a few times during the tournament, look forward to next time.

Yeah GGs to everyone. I’m going to play someone not MK / Snake next week. All these victories are hollow.

if it becomes saturday at 11 est you will have a new regular, but i dont want to step on any toes

I am the worst brawl player in history. maybe if I didnt suicide twice every match I could get better results!

Meh it was fun regardless. More people should play though. Its really fun!!

Oops I didn’t know it was happening this week till my girlfriend called me at like 10:30 while I was at my friend’s house playing MGS4 and was like “hey are you entering the tourney tonight”. I was all “…huh?”.

Well, I’m sure you guys needed a break from being raped anyway so it’s all good. kekeke

Wait, the next weekly is…tonight? O_o

Tonight’s weekly has been cancelled. I am out of town, and while I had hoped I could still run it, I just will not have the time tonight to do so. Anyways, the next weekly will be next Saturday. It will go by Evo rules.

Sorry I won’t be able to make it out this time around. =( I gotta go to bed early because of work.

11:00 is a bit vague. Is that AM or PM?

I apologize for that Carbunkle. It is actually 11:00 P.M. EST. Thanks for pointing that out. I will fix that.