Weekly $100 orange county (ssf4, tekken 6, blazblue cs)

Weekly Practice:

When: Every Sunday (Starting Jan 9, 2011)
Where: 2775 N. Orange-Olive Road, Orange, CA 92865
Phone number: 949-280-4472
Hours: 2:00- 12:00 am
Start time: 5:00 pm
Buy-in: $5 buyin per tourney

Console: PS3 ONLY on official EVO monitor (ASUS)

-Super Street Fighter 4 payout $75
-Tekken 6 payout $50
-Blazblue CS payout $50

All prizes will go to 1st, 2nd and 3rd. (70%, 20%, 10%)

For more information and pictures please check our website. (Orange and Costa Mesa)
The Legendary Lotus

Sorry to ask, but I have 3 questions:
?Will there be casuals available or is it a just a tournament only event?
?If there are casuals, what is the entry fee for just casuals?
On the website calender it says there is an event happening on Sunday, January 2, 2011 when you said Sunday, January 9th.
?Is this a mistake or am I wrong?

There’s usually a lot of casuals going on.

I’ll be there on the 9th!

first day will be the 9th. check the site. all casuals will pay $5. we will have extra set ups for those people just bring your own console.

Hey Everybody!

Happy New Years!!

I will be streaming this as usual. I should be at every event besides the one on the 16th. Let’s blow this up y’all!

Hey, I heard you guys had magic tournaments at your store. I play at another one, but will there be casual playing for SSF4 during your magic events? Would love to come there and check it out!

alright… uhh the 9th is a really bad day to host it because Arcade Infinity is Hosting their LAST TOURNAMENT.

Arcade Infinity is closing down on the 15th and the 9th is their farwell tournament, everyone is gonna go to that over the lotus.
You should host it on Saturday if you hope to get a good show up.

2ndly: what’s the deal with xboxes?

I got a copy of the game that i’m willing to bring, and i’m willing to bring my stick for others to use… will there be at least one console?

if not, i’ll bring mine, all i ask is that you waive my entree fee :slight_smile:

Awesome I was looking for a something like this. I’ll be there! Will you guys have Marvel vs. Capcom 3 when it comes out as well?

we have all the games and all the set ups…

Whoa this is really close, I gotta check this out.

bump for this weekend.

Oh cool, a store thats nearby that has SF tournaments. My buddies and I will drop by to check it out.

Yes please come!

Only 5 bucks, plus there are tons of good ass places to eat around here!

Just a quick up date.
So for the first week of January the results were as follows


  1. Alex Valle
  2. Jayce the Ace
  3. Chris Towner


  1. Chet Chetty
  2. WC Galo
  3. Stringbean

Playlist of videos is here

Here?s my review of the store:

This place is legit. The store set up is nicer than the other places that I’ve been to. However on tourney days it?s a bit hard to find parking so I suggest people go sign up very early. Also, the prize pools are much better than the other stores I?ve visited. The owners don?t wimp out when it comes down to giving out prizes. If you?re looking for a store that has players experienced in MTG, Yugioh, Streetfighter and even the WoW TCG, I?d say Lotus is a great place to check out.

this happening this Sunday?

Okay Weekly 1.2 this weekend. Hope to see some people there!

Still going today if anyone was curious rain or shine.