Weekly Av Clash sign-ups

I had a new idea for IMM.Weekly Av battles where anyone can vote for their favorite avs in the contest.Rules are simple.

1.Avs can be non-prem or prem sized.But nothing over specification

2.The av can be about whatever you’d like,well within the srk rules anyways.

3.PM all entries to me if participating.

4.FIRST TEN ENTRIES GET SELECTED AND ONLY THE FIRST TEN. If i get more than ten i’ll pm you back and see if you want to carry the av over to next clash.

5.KEEP ENTRIES ANONYMOUS.same deal as ABCs.Don’t tell ANYONE which av you made till voting ends.(for a suprise factor)

6.voting will be done thru polls

7.It’s for fun,SO HAVE FUN DAMMIT.

8.You have from monday to wednesday to submit,voting will be thursday to saturday,and voting will end on sunday 12:00 am

9.If an av has no name i’ll give it one.


I think that covers everything that needs to be said.
EDIT:first av clash starts as of next monday BTW**

I give this thread my seal of approval.

I’ll be entering. are you?


but if i do win, do i get a cookie, or at least win a chance to cyber with quiche and Master Chibi?:wonder:

I dunno about Master Chibi, but I’ll do it even if you lose.



^^^i dont know if i should be turned on or scared for my life, lol!

You guys are whack :lol:
Sounds fun, count me in.

So what about the prize(s)?
Nothing, just get bragging rights?

yeah pretty much

why not :slight_smile:

Haha, this contest was just won.


won’t this ruin ur bi-weekly/monthly challenges quiche?

I wanna give this a shot. Don’t let the current av distract. I’ve got some hardcore stuff in mind.

Nah, this is kinda a fill-in til I get those running again.

Worth asked me before he posted and I think it’s a great idea. I dunno when the next ABC’s gonna be anyway, since I’m having horrible problems sorting out the prizes from the last one.


Speaking of challenges, wasn’t Master Chibi supposed to be making a tag or wallpaper challenge battle?

Yes I was.

Work somewhat got the best of me.

I’d still like to do it, just have to plan ahead a bit.


ill give it a shot

edit: nvm need to drop out of this, busy

Av PMed.

Off to bed :zzz:

Expect this clash to be MS Painted.

jeez,i only got 2 entries.