Weekly Boba, Ramen, Genki Sushi, Rhythm Games and more at RoundONE Southcenter Weds or Thurs?

So I don’t know if we’re gonna have an offical time gathering at such but I and a few others will be there most likely every monday at acme for some games.

The return of monday night fights and good eats afterwards

I will be there when I get off work so about 5p

Acme is open til’ 11 so there is no excuse for people not showing up unless GW is better for them.

Bring quaters bitches

100 Andover Park W # 100
Tukwila, WA 98188-2826
(206) 340-2263

Mon 3pm-11pm
Tue-Thu 11am-11pm
Fri 11am-1am
Sat 9am-1am
Sun 9am-11pm

Happy Hour from 4-7p

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The saga continues! I’m there! :rock:

I’ll be there for some ST.

See ya’ll there.

Stoked for this.

Pretty pumped. See you guys there.

finally… didn’t want to go to GW to play… hey Thai Vega this is snow… i’m not gonna bring qtrs… just one qtr with a string hahaha hope to get to better now with everyone…

Edit: I’ll be there on Monday. Easter is Sunday.

i will be there to hopefully take pics of the first ACME MNF!! Holla, for a venue thats like, 10 min or less from my house :slight_smile:

I am also down to eat befor acme sushiland jollibe california kictchen pizza famous daves and more! :slight_smile:

Dude I don’t remember a snow…:frowning: we met before?! My bad Im really terrible at remembering people

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I’m down for some Jollibee before some ST. What time KK?

I duuno we will habe to see what time I get off and shit I don’t even know if I want jollibees but we’ll see

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Yeah imma workout for a bit after work then come home and shower, so I should be ready around 6:30 or so, text me when you’re down 253-886-0487.

I’ll try to roll down too!

Lol its koo I’m bad also but u go by crank eye right n yea I went down today n didn’t see it there unless it’s located some where else at acme

Im down for some sushiland tomorrow

Sushi and AE/ST sounds good

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I’ll be there tonight at 7 for some sushi, AE and ST.

A few notes on the AE machine having played all dang weekend at the anime thing:

It’s basically Sanwa parts installed on the old vanilla setup, but that old screen still takes a p big shit on the Gameworks ones. The new buttons felt really great/new, but there were a few problems that hopefully won’t become an ongoing thing.

Since the actual button enclosures appeared to be screw-in, by the end of Saturday they were loose enough to be completely lifted out of the face as a result of sustained button-mashing. This was sort of fixed on Sunday when I was there in the super early morning, but someone still could’ve just walked off with the 2P fierce button if they wanted. I’m not sure if this got a more permanent fix later in the day before or after they moved the machines to ACME.

The 2P MK button also went out completely early on Sunday. I called Bill’s # on the machine and left a message, so I assume that got fixed not long after I left since Masterman Vending is the good shit.

Overall though, get hyped up because it was really nice and the better option between GW and ACME. B)

MK was working before i left around 5 on sunday on the P2 side (red).

Those japanese parts are about to get raped. Hopefully they have plenty on hand.