Weekly Boba, Ramen, Genki Sushi, Rhythm Games and more at RoundONE Southcenter Weds or Thurs?


Me and ghrrk is droppin by at 630!

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We got any food plans tonight? I’m down for sushiland again.


Just so there is no confusion next time, from now on if we’re going to all try to meet up to eat, we meet at ACME first and then roll out to get some food. :tup:

I had fun, it is great playing games in the arcade again with friends.


Yup always meet at acme sometimes I might jisy mess with acme Happy hour since its really good.

Shout outs to the people that came
Heavy D
Jeff Bie

Til next time!

AxelKelly where you at?!

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Me and KK were streaking the rows for AE and ST at the same time-WHOEVER EATS THE MOST WINS


Rollin to acme today for cinco de mayo specials

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man, i’d be more down for this is if it wasn’t 40 minutes away…you guys meet up at the sushiland in puyallup? O_o


C’mon dude you’re complaining about 40 minutes away when we’re probably the only arcade in the country that has an ST cab with guaranteed comp?? WA is weak as water about driving I swear. :rofl:

There is a sushi land right across the street from south center, on the other side of ACME bowl.


If I had my car still, it wouldn’t be an issue. I’d have to bus it :confused: You don’t know how badly I wanna play, and I’m not even that good at ST. I’ll probably get stomped lol, but yeah I can’t make the drive or else I would.


Oh, I thought you meant 40 minutes away driving, which usually equals 2 hrs+ busing thanks to how crap Metro is…and they can’t even blame budget cuts, public transportation in WA has sucked since I’ve been alive.


ohhhh i am talking about 40 minutes driving lol. I’m in tacoma, so 40 minutes driving wouldn’t be a big deal. But I’d have to bus it…does the sushiland over there only charge a dollar a plate? the one in Puyallup does.


There’s dolla plates, 1.50, 2, and 3 bucks.


laaaame. EVERY plate at the one near me is 1 dollar. EVERY one. D:


i dont mean to sound rude, but it seems like youre making hella excuses to NOT make it out. if you want the competition/to get better, find a way to make it out. shit i dont even own a copy (s)sf4 and ive been going every monday. show up or shut up.


…wtf? Dude, we’re talking about sushi right now. Sushiland would not even be on the priority list to show up lol.

The ONLY thing stopping me is not having a car right now, taking a bus up to Tukwilla would seriously be over 2 and a half hours. That’s why i was asking if Lord_raptor was still in Spanaway in another thread - to see if he’d wanna head up with me. But he’s over in Yakima right now.


sushi sounds good. I’ll be there around 630 im gonna head to sushiland when j0shimitsu, hyorin and thadeezo roll thru

Lol oh please keep feeding :slight_smile:

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Aight I’mma be in the arcade until we all decide to rollout to sushi, see you guys there. I’m also gonna bring flyers for Battle for Seattle, so if anyone wants to take any to keep or distribute, hit me up too.


Thread and title update…




Next time I’m up maybe??? Yup