*Weekly Endless Battle/Critique Thread*

Anyone want to get a training session going. That someone can help me grasp the ropes of Yun a bit faster. Is there anyone willing to do so. If so let me know via through this thread. I wouldn’t mind having a tutor for this.

I’ll add you, hopefully we can play tonight, my GT = Nitsuki

I’m also learning Yun but at least getting some training going will help us.

yes it does. Well i’ll be changing my name soon, but i’ll be sure to add you.

Also add my new gamertag l Genei Jin l

I am UNBELIEVABLY bad with Yun and SF in general. I would love to get some training going if anyone is down. I need all the help I can get. I am really, REALLY bad.

Well, if anyone is on PS3 add me. ExiaSmasher is my ID.

My Yun isn’t that bad, just not that good either lol

Well I added you up. I’ll look forward to getting some training going on with you as well.

Awesome, i’m off from work today and i’m pretty sure i’ll be on all day til my boys come over for the heat game.

I started using Yun when the AE came out this week and I’m hooked on him. Here’s some stuff I found w/ him:
-MP, HP, back HP (3 hit combo)
-QCF+ (PP), QCF+ (KK) (4 hit combo)
(make sure you have 2 bars)
-super one end it w/ QCF+ (PP) (gotta time it right and you’ll get 2 extra hits) (6 hit combo)
(make sure you have Ultra combo meter up plus the super meter up)
-Dive kick, MK(make sure the kick that lifts him in the air), MP, QCF+ (PP) (5 hit combo)
More vids on youtube…

I wish people would first read/lurk threads before posting, thinking that they found something new…

Give the guy a break


, He just needs help/advice on this character, that’s all.


I was talking about you lol.

So the stuff I posted was useless for him?

My gamertag is KireanL. I am very, very trash. I don’t think I’ve won with yun at all yet.

So any help would be appreciated!

Would anyone be interested in doing a large group of yun mirror matches in an Endless battle lobby every week or something. I noticed there are people having trouble with him including me so this way we can kind of track each others progress. My Gt is:Fore God Vii for any questions.

Edit: Maybe we can do multiple lobbies of 4 instead of 8 like MingoDynasty suggested.

Where’s the maybe option?

I’m all for having a Yun training team, but I believe large 8man endless lobbies are useless. One randomed loss and then you have to wait in line for half an hour before going up again. You learn more and faster by playing than watching.

Yea, I agree, One of my friends Izuna dono and I have been kinda training with Yun mirror matches but I guess that’s as far as it goes…

I’m up for small endless lobbies!! add me when and if u guys make it happen :slight_smile:

When is this starting? I need some practice and rank isn’t helping.

Add GT xbl: Caipho

will this be on psn xbox or both?

psn: aceofspades321

Sure… I need all the help I can get. Protoino is my GT