Weekly SF4 Club at Magic Stronghold Games! (Burnaby, BC)


Need a place outside of your home to train or meet up with friends?

Come on down to Magic Stronghold Games for our weekly fight club!

For the next few weeks on Sundays we’ll have a TV Dedicated to Street Fighter IV or Blazblue: Continuum Shift! (Depending on who wants to play what) Come Train and discuss tech and strategies with us or just come on down to hang out!

with enough interest and consistent attendance, we’ll also try to hold monthly SF4/Blazblue tourneys. We’re still working out the details for this, so check back every so often for more details!

Questions? Ideas?
Feel free to give us a call at 604-568-6030 or e-mail us at sales@magicstronghold.com!

Magic Stronghold Games
7709 Royal Oak Ave.
Burnaby, BC


How was the turnout? I live pretty far away but if the scene is hype I’ll come for sure.


In my experience, I’ve noticed that this type of thing works best mid-week. No looming deadlines or horrid Monday resets on a Wednesday, haha. Still, I’ll try to make it out next weekend. :smiley:


I’d be happy to participate in this. Won’t be able to this coming week - I’ve got pre-engagements I can’t miss.


Where is this located? I’m very interested, will there be magic the gathering also?


i could play mtg if im allowed to use old series cards :stuck_out_tongue:


woh I live across the street from this place! is sf4 a regular daily occurrence or just Sunday?


Yo chris… i dont have your number anymore… i got a new phone… i wanted to call you a couple times… pm me your number… lets get some games going… gonna go to espot this weekend if youre interested and wanna catch a ride…


alright, it seems as though a lot of you can’t come out on a certain day, but i have found that a lot of the Magic: The Gathering players play SF4 when they come out.
Wednesdays and Fridays are our biggest days turnout wise, as we have those days dedicated to Draft (Wed) and Standard (T2, Fri)

we’re right near the Royal Oak Skytrain (5-10min. walk from there) and there’s usually people here playing anytime around 5 or 6 depending on mood (i assume). Give us a call if you guys have any more questions!


Is there just one setup for Super SF4 and are there sticks available to use or do people normally bring their own sticks.


Also PS3 or Xbox?


PS3 only ATM… (working on getting another TV) and we’ve got a Madcatz TE and Hori stick here but feel free to bring your own!


I’ll try and stop by tonight after work!


Check this thread out if you are up for participating in Canada wide rankings for 3S/CVS2/MVC2/ST/HF/CE/A3/A2.

It’s to get people interested in the older games again.

Don’t worry if there are only a few of you in your region for any particular game, everyone is pretty much in the same boat in that regard.