Weekly Sf4 in Seattle @ Frosty's place

Will be THURSDAYS from 2pm to 1am ish- most likley everyone will be there around 7-2am ish, but I am available anytime after 2pm

Some of you guys know me from TW or the 3d scene, but anyway. I recently moved to west seattle right behind georgetown and I would like to start hosting weekly gatherings at my place. it’s a pretty central location - according to google maps it 30 minutes from tacoma, 30 minutes from redmond, and about 30 minutes from lynnwood, so 30 minutes tops for most people in the area.

I have 1 old bigscreen tv so there is no lag, and a 24 inch widescreen computer monitor that is also lag free. Only have one PS3 ( and 3 sticks) right now so people would have to bring another console, probably an xbox or whatever. If anyone else could bring monitors/consoles that would be great also cause I think it’s best when people can play a bunch of matches in a row without having to swap out all the time. Like 1 tv per 3 people is a great ratio imo.

This ill be on Thursdays from whenever I get home from school around 2pm to like 2am so people could basically drop by whenever during that time and hang out however long. I’m guessing most people would be coming from like 8-12pm.

The main thing I am trying to accomplish is to have a regular/consistent weekly thing that anyone can come to and play at and hopefully even if peeps can only come out once every few weeks, if enough players do that then there should always be a decent pool of people to play with. We used to do this for SC2 and it worked great and fostered a really strong scene for that game. I know the Sf4 scene is already big, but it doesn’t seem like people are getting together very often for sessions, unless they are on the DL or something.

Here is where my place is located,



oh yeah I live in apt L202, apts are called overlake at westridge. They are the only ones on that street so it’s easy to find, just make sure you go like a block down kenyon cause there are some apts right on the corner but those are not the right ones.

This will be open to anyone, unless I hear that you’re hella grimy or something or you stink.

Will be THURSDAYS from 2pm to 2am

Is this going to be every Wednesday? I know Tanaka has his event on Wednesdays. Just something to think about.

I’m interested.

still trying to decide if wed or thursdays will be better, there a thread on tanaka’s thing? if a lot of players are attending that then yeah thursday may be the better choice, would also provide a nice venue for people who can’t make the other one on wednesdays.

I’d be there regularly if it’s thursdays, I can’t make Wednesday anything due to work.

OK, I was talking to some people and it seems like thursday would be the best night, plus I only have 2 classes on friday so i don’t mind staying up late.

Please post up here with a rough time of when you think you will be there just so I can get an idea of how many people are coming at what times. thanks.

I’d probably plan on being there when I’d usually be at GW, so it’d be like 7PM-ish for me.

I will more than likely be in attendance? Chyea?

i’ll be there, its time to start playing local. online is killing me.

also i can bring a 360 and a stick, is hdmi ok? someone else got a player2 360 stick as well?

oh yeah, i’ll arrive like 7 - 8

sounds good, I can run the hdmi on my monitor, and I’ll just run my ps3 on my other tv. I think a lot of the guys have 360 sticks anyway, but I do have a ps2 hori w/an adapter for 360, so we’ll for sure have 2 sticks for both systems.

I’ll probably be there.

How’s the parking over there?

If I can get my school shit out of the way, I’ll be there. I have a shitty crt I can bring along as well though someone will have to bring a console for it.

Lemme guess, your name is Jared? As long as it’s spelled the correct way, we’ll be fine. :smiley:

Jon, my suggestion for a first time session would probably just wrangle up 2 set-ups. Given it’s only 48 hours notice, and typically the GameWorks crowd is in full attendance on site, I feel you’ll be safe with 2 set-ups.

If I come maybe I’d rock my PC setup to see how people feel about it. I might be bringing it to TWars in additoin to my 360 so that we can get more setups going for Singles.

damn too bad i stink and im a grimey ass nigga. i can run a setup out of my mobile methlab on delridge though

hahahaha sup john!

Parking is fine, there is usually spots open in my apartments, and if not there is street parking also. 2 set-ups is fine but anyone else is welcome to bring another full set-up if they want. there is room for at least 3 in the living room/dining room.

Jacob you live on delridge? if so we should kick it some more. You can come over for some home-made pho or something.

Oh yeah, my wife has a cat so if anyone is allergic then beware. Although it usually hides if there is a bunch of peeps over.

Hey this is pretty close to me, mind if a roll through?

yup. i was actually playing someone on XBL just the other day and they thought i was you. you are now the more famous Jared :frowning:

Lol, don’t tell me you play Seth too?

yeah feel free to drop by.