-weekly sf4 tournament- munchies in suisun 707


hey guys so from now on there will be sf4 at munchies in suisun from about 5 to 11 pm every week. after 11 we can play at my house after i live about 2 blocks away. ask me about directions or what not. this will be the first week for it so depending on how it goes we might be able to hold turnament.

it will be played on 360
7 dollar entry
2 dollars goes to the store
5 dollars go to the pot
70%/20%/10% percent pay out
double elimination
2/3 matches
all finals are 3/5

it is on sunset ave. in suisun in the raileys shopping center across from hollywood video

WE AVERAGE ABOUT 15-20 people a tournament


whats munchies? whats suisun?


a coffee shop in suisun city :expressionless:


I dunno how far off considering Thursday’s a guaranteed work day for me, but I’ll have to come by for this sometime soon. Depending on when Locke’s work schedule is, we’ll prolly both come by.


Sounds promising depending on the day(s). Drop a few more details.

Address? 360 or PS3?


i live in suisun right near this munchies place but i’ve never heard of it. i might be interested in this though. you forgot to mention what days from 5-11pm?


I’m pretty sure it’s Thursdays and on 360.


yea my bad it is every thursday. and it is on 360. its in the raileys parking lot across from hollywood video


hey i live one block away you should hit me jup sometime we can practice or somthing do you play any other games?


Cool, I’m down. Though I usually don’t get off work until 6pm on Thursdays. Nice to see some people taking initiative to get some local action going on.


good stuff

yeah i’d be up for that. i was a super turbo player but only playing SF4 now. let me know what’s up


sounds like fun, i guess i’ll show up for some games


All are welcome? Bring your own stick?


everyone is welcome. ppd has a hori and the street fighter stick from what i remember when i was there last thurs, but it never hurts to bring just in case. i wonder though…is there going to be one TV setup or is there possibilities for another one?


I stopped by today, Munchies is a cool spot. Rock Band instead of SF when I got there, but I did notice a flyer for a SF tourney next thursday. I will fosho be there.


So next Thursday? okay…


So, I’m gonna be headin’ over there after work tomorrow, so I should be there around 5:30 or so. When’s the tourney start? :woot:


GG’s people! Jeff’s Gief was priceless! Too bad the grand finals were over in a blink


Hay guys. I deed it.


will the tourney results be posted?