Weekly T Hawk Fight Group?



So, I’m pretty done with losing points on a constant basis in ranked (from 5000+ down to 3800 in little over a week). I thought we could set a night and get together and play a bunch of endless battles. Not necessarily just Hawk…just a bunch of fun battles.

What do you think? Does Sunday night work for everyone? (at least until football season)


I’m down. I get off work at around 10PM EST tomorrow night, so I’ll definitely play.


i would join u guys but xbox live here… =|


send me an invite when you get started, I cant make any promises though. As of this last Wednesday I’m on call at work 24/7…
I really want to try and work on my adon and my dudley… they are both scrubby as all hell.


Cool deal. DOn’t expect muchout of me with anyone other than Hawk, Gief and Ken…everyone else I’m borderline terrible with.


My dudley IS gutter trash…
I so wish I could figure out how to not suck with hakan…but that may be a long time coming…


This seems like good idea and 360 guys can do the same thing at the same time so this can be the cordination thread for both systems. Good Deal?


I’m up for this totally as soon as i get a new stick. I’ve got a Cody i need to work on. I’m alimarno on PSN.


Awww…come on. I play on a pad. You have no excuse;)


lol, PAD GRAPPLERS UNITE! RAISE YOUR CALLOUSED THUMBS WITH PRIDE! Yeah dont worry about the whole stick thing there is NOTHING that T-hawk needs that you can’t easily do on a pad.
I managed a walking 720 in training the other day…it only took me three hours…to do it like one time.


I’m in, I just can’t do it this week. I got finals starting Monday.

I don’t get how walking 720s are possible. There’s only three or so prejump frames, and the first ub you hit sends you into them. I can cancel 720 from jab, short, taunt, dash, etc. but I can’t walking 720.


GGs to dan tonight. I was playing like total ass with my mains though (Elf and Hawk). -_-


I had a blast. GGs, and if that Elf was not on point, I don’t want to see him when he is. He did the 3x FP combo on me multiple times like it was no big deal…

This is either dedication or insanity, but either way, good job!!:slight_smile:


1.Do it faster!
2. Use shortcuts, Mine looks kinda like this: :db::d::df::r::ub::l::db::d::df::r::lp::mp::hp:


RSF is easy once you get the rhythm. Usually I can get 4 or 5 and a slide/reset but I was only getting 2 or 3. I wasn’t doing too good with my mixups either. Oh well, it was just casuals anyways lol. Twas fun.


Don’t even have that at the moment. I’m stuck with an old logitech USB pad, so i can’t even use the home button. And if you thought the 360’s d-pad sucked…


we doing this again tomorrow night?


Im up for it, Psn is XxShadiusxX just lmk a head of time :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I’m in for sure. I’ll be on close to that time. If I’m not, someone set up a room and get it going…just use private slots so you can invite players as they come.


GGS last night. Nearly 2 hours of fights. Shadius, and Superior_Tech, I somehow managed to forget to add you to my friends…sorry guys. Feel free to send me an invite and I’ll make sure you don’t get skipped next week.

I don’t play Hawk in casuals (very, very rare) as I use a custom button setup when I play him in ranked. I’m REALLY out of sorts when I play without that setup, so I just leave him out when I play casuals.

My Sagat seems to be progressing a bit (kara knee and uppercut are deadly), and I think I’m understanding Rufus a good bit more. I’m feeling pretty good about Guile and Honda, but they still need more work as well. My Balrog and Hakan are meh at best. Gief needs more work as does Dudley.

Thanks again…it was a blast!