Weekly Tournament @ Play N Trade (Tacoma)


So I’ve had some trouble trying to find some good players in Tacoma.
For some reason the high school I’m in has no SF4 players that I know of.
But I’m pretty involved in my local Play N Trade’s store.
So I can talk to the managers to create a weekly tournament there.

As of right now the PNT only offers store credit to the 1st and 2nd place winners as prizes.
But I’m sure I can convince them to make a pool of money for the top 3 winners of each tourney.

This new tread is only really used to see the population of SF4 players in Tacoma so I can meet some new people in my area.
But if the first tournament goes well then we can keep this going for a while.

The place is pretty sick with 7 wall mounted TVs and its by a mall and restaurants.
So if the tourney takes a while then you guys can get something to eat real easily.

Post a response if you’re interested in a tourney in Tacoma or have any questions about anything.

Have a nice day guys.



First of all, thanks so much for your guy’s gauging interest in this tourney.
I got some info about when and how this tourney is going to be setup.
So I have some options for you guys for when you guys want this to happen.
Of course if you guys don’t want this to be weekly because it might be a troublesome drive, we can make this every 2 weeks or something like that.

  1. Everyday but Sunday from 12:00PM to 9:00PM time span. (No need to pay extra for rent but only maximum of only 15 people)
  2. Sunday from 6:00PM to whenever. (We’ll rent out the store for 50 bucks for Sunday night) (If 10 people show up then its only 5 bucks extra for a the tournament pot)

I’m wanting you guys to give me some feedback on how much you’d want this tournament to cost.
Do you guys want to pay more for a larger pot?

Here is what I’m thinking right now.

  1. Weekday + Saturday tournament is 10 bucks. (Remember, limited to about 15 people)
  2. Sunday tournament is 15 bucks. (But if more then 10 people come then the price will reduce)

Right now I don’t know what time this tournament will start or when sign ups will start either.
Because this is just a fetus of a tournament we’ll keep developing this together.

Super is coming out real soon so it’s probably best to have the tourney on that weekend.
(Unless theres another bigger tourney being held on that weekend. Then I’ll hold this off until the 2nd week of Super’s release)

For sure you guys need to bring your own sticks. (We do have about 2 spare 360 ones but I’m sure you guys like your own)
Tell me if you guys like 360 or PS3 more for tourneys.
Because the PNT will not have enough setups for just 360 or PS3. (So please bring your own console if you can)

Feedback feedback I need to feed off of feedback.


So theres good news for people who want a midnight release.
The manager told me that if he can get a minimum of 10 people pre-ordering Super.
Then we can get a midnight release.

The thing is, right now we only have about 3 people that pre-ordering the game.
So any of you guys in the greater Tacomax area wanting a midnight release go out and tell your friends to pre order at PlayNTrade Tacoma.

I say Tacoma because the manager isn’t sure if he will actually get the game at midnight.
I don’t want guys coming from all over the place if they can’t get it on launch.

Thanks for your guy’s posts and I hope we can get some kind of weekly tourney running some time.



Ooooooh if they have a midnight release SSFIV tournament, I’ll be there to play and buy the game!



Oooh I like the way you think.
You know they’ve had many midnight releases before.
And in some instances they were able to play a copy of the games about 3 hours earlier then the midnight release.
A tournament might me much because it is a weekday, but a its a good idea nevertheless. :smile:

I’ll make sure to bring that up.


The tournaments at the play N trade in Kirkland were pretty good. They seem to be set up well for these kinds of things.

Agreed with Mandel. Midnight launch tournament would be legit.


Yeah the reason I asked was because I was there when they had a midnight release for Tekken 6. They also had a tournament for it that night as well. It was cool. Hope they do it again. Keep us in the know good sir!


Too bad I already reserved my copy at the Kirkland play n trade. Oh well, hopefully they have a tournament too. Also, nice post goolookin. This is an awesome way to introduce yourself into the scene. I would recommend coming out to a TW’s on a saturday it’s pretty dope and you can get the best sf4 competition there (minus Deezo because he rarely shows up =/ sigh) But after super comes out, I have a feeling I will be seeing alot more of Deezo and Elias. Even alot more new faces as well.


It’d been tight if this stuff happened while I still lived in the area. Thats just my luck though, you should definitely try for a midnight release tournament.


If you ever wanted to get a ride to this possible tournament its totally not a problem bro.
Tacoma ain’t that far away.:cool:


Im moving to Seattle tomorrow haha, thats what I meant. Woulda been nice while I was alone in pierce county. Thanks for the offer though!



Please make sure that we can use our arcade sticks in this tournament.

IIRC at the Tekken 6 release tournament we could not hook up our own arcade sticks to the PS3/360 so we had to use pad for the tournaments.

I may be wrong with this ^^ but I just wanted to bring it up because if it is true no one will be ecstatic to play SSIV on pad. The majority of us (like %99.7) have our own MadCatz TE arcade sticks that we play fighting games on.

Just a thought…


I’m heading to the Kirkland play n trade after work to ask them about this a little. I’m sure things will be good, play n trade hosts pretty good tournments. It’s gamestop that doesn’t allow arcade sticks *smh


I need to pre-order at the Kirkland play n trade, I would down for a pre-launch tourney


I would be willing to drive down and show support. Hope it happens.


i would show up for a midnight release/ tourney . i was there for tekken6.

This WILL draw ALOT of players IF they can bring there own sticks.


Talked to Play n Trade kirkland yesterday and apparently they wont be having a midnight release (rolls eyes) why did I trust Play n trade enough to pre order from them. Never again.


Who told you that? Did you ask Mike?


Talked to an employee who in turn asked the Manager, who replied, “No”:rolleyes:. Sucks they don’t see the possible money potential a simple midnight release (with optional tournament) would have. SSF4 is going to bring in a much larger audience then Tekken6 upon release. Oh well, I guess I gotta wait another day before I get my copy. :arazz:


Updated April 14th
Sorry I forgot to ask about midnight release.
Probably a low chance for that but I’ll ask.


Ya know what, I’ll see what I can do about talking to Mike and another person that work at that store. Maybe if their Manager hears that people want it bad enough, he might see the potential.


let him know I’ll fully pay off a pre order if he does a midnight release as well as bring 2 other people with me.