Weekly TvC at Gamepad in Fredericksburg, VA (Thu at 7pm)

Hi all,

We run a pretty successful SF4 tournament every Friday night and are now venturing into the world of TvC. We’ll be doing a weekly TvC tournament every Thursday night at 7pm (starting tonight, 4/15). There are plenty of members on SRK that can vouch for us. It works like this…show up any time during the day and post your venue fee, you can then play TvC all day long up until and after the tournament. When the tournament begins everyone will be asked to put $5 into the pot. The rules are as follows:

$10 Buy-in ($5 to Gamepad, $5 to pot)
70/30 split for top two spots
Best 2 of 3 until Grand Final
Best 3 of 5 Grand Final
Stage select is random
No turbo controls or Wii-motes
Bring a new player to the tournament and your venue fee is waived

Gamepad is located in the Spotsylvania Towne Centre right off of I-95 exit 130 (towards Culpeper).

So you go from banning Zero and Tekkaman Blade to just banning hadangeki spamming? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just ban the wiimote?

I personally don’t know that much about TvC. We have an employee that is really into it that will be running the tournaments. What would banning the Wiimote accomplish?

Wiimote is what allows for easy commands instead of the normal quarter circle motions, charge motions etc. With the wiimote, zero doesn’t have to charge for his projectile, and all other sorts of stupid stuff. Banning wiimote gets rid of all of it.

I’ll try and be here next thursday. I know the turn out will be small, so you should probably make it winner take all Like the Sf4 tourney. Just a suggestion.