Weekly Versus: Monthly Edition. Orange, CA-Sat Dec.18, SSF4/BBCS/GGAC (1000$ payout)


The Legendary Lotus ? Weekly Versus : Monthly Edition
In addition to the weekly Sunday gatherings we are going to throw a large tourney once a month to give competitive players a chance to come out, have fun, and take home some big money.

DATE: SAT, DECMEBER 18th (last tourney of the month)
Entry is $15 per game ? all day casual play and tournament

Guaranteed pot size:
800$ for Super Street Fighter 4
200$ for Blazblue Continuum Shift
100$ for Guilty Gear Accent Core
*pot size increase depending on entrants

SSF4 and BBCS will be run on EVO monitors and PS3s/Xbox360. PS2 games will be on stand def TVs. BRING YOUR OWN JOYSTICK/ADAPTERS. This is not a BYOC (bring your own console) event, all setups will be provided and ready to go when you walk in.

Start Times (Tentatvie)
11:00 am Venue opens. Registration and casuals.
3:00 pm SSF4 start time.
5:00 pm BBCS ranbat start time.
6:00 pm GGAC ranbat start time.
Close time is subject to change, but it likely won?t be until midnight.

Casual play is all day before and after tournament. There is NO spectator fee to come and watch the games. Unlike the Sunday weeklies, only tourney entrants will be allowed to casual on available setups.

Rules (Tentatvie)
? All games will be 70/20/10 split
? All games are singles.
? All games are double elimination
? All game will be 2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches, full round time. Grand Finals will be 3/5 matches unless players consent to change.
? For all games winner keeps the same character, loser may switch. Ultras may be changed for both.
? For all games both players agree to stage selection.
? Mid game pause can result in game loss.

? All characters allowed.

? All characters allowed.
? Unlimited characters banned.

? Kliff, Justice, EX/gold characters are banned.

Standard code of conduct
? Be respectful of others around you and the venue.
? No stealing of store or personal property (there will be security cams).
? Friendly heckling is encouraged but don?t take it overboard.
? People can and will be asked to leave if they can?t behave themselves in an appropriate manner.




I’ll be there.


To add:

The address is below. It’s in the same plaza as the bar and martial arts place.

The Legendary Lotus
2775 North Orange Olive Road
Orange CA 92865

Wow this is the same date as the SnC 5v5. It’s going to be a long day…


Bump for hype! This place is nice inside and there’s a $800 pot…

I know some of you want to keep this top secret, but that defeats the purpose of the place having more tournaments like this… duh!!


but but but but but but but… :frowning:


Is there gonna be a normal ranbat the day after?


Just a reminder for tomorrow,

Hope you guys can make it out!

The Legendary Lotus
2775 North Orange Olive Road
Orange CA 92865

Sorry I havent been able to get on for the past few days.

I have taken advise into account for these past few tournaments and will try to fix them for a better experience for all next month. For this event I will set a venue of $2 if you just want to come and play. We will try to make these tournies better for everyone in the future.

Also nothing is planned for sunday, if there is interest we can maybe do a casual something but no ranbat is scheduled. We plan to do 1 event per weekend every month, 3 Sundays and 1 Sat. I will post Jan schedule soon. Future games to be included soon will likely be T6, MvC3, and AH3.


Sorry I couldn’t make it today I’ll see if I can come out for casuals later tonight.


Vids at youtube.com/offcasts


can you upload this one to youtube? unaltered. Justin.tv - offcast - Lotus Lounge: Mike Ross vs. AndyOCR

we gunna get lotus some exposure!
thanks again for the tournament


Yeah I can upload it like how it looks on that link to youtube. I didn’t have a secondary unit to record the matches straight up. I’ll pm you the link when it is ready.


thanks man


Okay here is the link to the playlist with the videos. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Includes Winner’s Finals, Loser’s Finals, and Grand Finals. Plus some other random matches. Everything else is on the justin.tv/offcast archive. Coma Time!