Weighing down a stick - Suggestions?


I’ve heard people use BB’s (such as in the TEK cases), but I was wondering how other people have weighed down their arcade sticks. Wood cases tend to be a decent weight, but plastic ones tend to be a little on the light side, especially for aggressive players.

The problem with even good Google-Fu on this is the generic-ness of the search terms… I haven’t been able to find a single applicable thing. Also, I’m sure there are considerations to take into account, such as static, possibly conductive material that might hit internal components, securing the weight, etc. etc.

Mod community powers activate! Form of… an answer!


I’ve seen 2 alternatives:

  1. REALLY large metal washers
  2. rolls of pennies
    Both crazily hot-glued to the inside of plastic cases.


Oddly enough, pennies would be the cheapest solution… it’s weird to think that the cheapest solution to a modding problem is to use ACTUAL money…


Yep, it’s weird, isn’t it?
Just don’t start rolling up wads of twenties in there. :slight_smile:


First person to mod a hybrid arcade stick/safe for keeping valuables wins.

The case I’m going to be weighing down is a TEK case, so I wonder if I could just drop a couple rolls of pennies in each side (the special weight slot sides) and then fill the rest with silica beads or something to keep the pennies in place rather than gluing them.


Rocks. Rocks are cheap and heavy.


Wouldn’t that be hard to balance out? In this case, the weight slots are on the right and left edges of the stick. Ideally I’d want the weight to be evenly distributed… rocks are a good idea, but I have a feeling it would be challenging to add up the same weight/size on each side.


If it is a Tek case why didn’t you get the optional side pieces so you can load the sides full of BBs


Seems like he IS getting the optional sides for weights, but is just looking for a cheaper alternative than the BBs…


wheel weights. Nice way to custom weight your stick i did the same thing to my hori vx-sa.


A lot of people don’t realize this… but, you can put your weed in there. :smiley:


I prefer arcade tokens to pennies.


The irony.


That’d be fun if they weren’t so expensive. So far penny rolls seems to be the best cost/weight ratio. The wheelweight idea is super clean though… but the adhesive may get a bit scary should you ever want to remove some weight for whatever reason.

I’m thinking just going with pennies and then getting large bead filler (like for bean-bags) to keep the pennies in place in the TEK weight slots (instead of adhesive). I’m still open to new suggestions though.


I used metal washers. It works great.



Weigh it down with the blood of the ones you defeat!


I think that sounds like a decent idea you had with pennies and some type of filler to keep them in place. You could try those super tiny beads also if you wanted to add some color.


nice :wink: …someone in the Razer beta testing thread was talking about all the stuff you can store in the Razer stick when you pop the lid I just had to link the Hot chick Sandler vid

I have also used nail’s or cut up steel rebar rods used for concrete, super heavy and good size when cut then wrap in duct tape.


usually i simply weigh down my stick with my game


You can get lead weights at sporting good stores in the fishing department.