Weighing down an arcade stick

how do you guys do it?

i prefer stiff sticks so i need a heavy stick to keep it sturdy. do you guys add weights to your sticks?

The best way would be to use a heavy wood to build the case. I don’t remember ever seeing a case containing something purely to weight it down but as long as there is room for the PCB and wiring it will be fine.

Heh, the SFA feels light to you? I figured this was more of an issue with a plastic stick. I keep mine on my lap and the weight has never crossed my mind. There’s plenty of space in the case but I’d be scared of something banging up against my PCBs.

You could do what Saulabi does with theirs and make a concrete slab to put on the base of the stick :rofl:

pictures please, seems like a really good idea.


modding the bottom of the case would be better than putting anything INSIDE the case that could come loose and destroy your innards. First, I would just try increasing the friction of the case’s bottom by replacing the feet with something heavier duty, like the floor grippers that you put under rugs (http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/ProductDisplay?storeId=10051&langId=-1&catalogId=10053&productId=100648262) cut to shape and affixed (don’t permanently affix unless it works for you). This is what I did for my DDR pads playing on carpet (hard foam pads, one step up from the flimsy pads that come with the game). That failing, you could look at a way to safely add weight.



thats good weight right there. it comes with double sided tape on it.

I used fishing weights and hot glue. Doesn’t look that nice but it’s easy and effective.

One thing you might consider is an extra thick piece of plexi on the bottom, especially if you want a see-through bottom. 1/2" should be good and add some weight. But you’ll need to get it from a plastics supply store. I might do this with my stick to replace the mdf bottom.

Yes, be a MACHO MAN and use the Saulabi solution!

picture of the glue and concrete

If it’s good enough for the Koreans, it’s good enough for us. :china:

u can use suction cups mounted n the bottom of your stick…
all you need then is a nice smooth surface to plant it on.

Why dont you just bolt your stick down to a table? Once you bolt it down it aint going anywhere. Heres my setup. My table is ready for SFIV, cant wait to get my madcatz SFIV te sticks.

^ Rawr.

I’ve also thought of adding weight to my stick…

Attach this to your stick:

No need for weights, just bolt it down to a table that perfect suits you. All you need to do is to unscrew the bottom stick screws on any arcade sticks, and take it to homedepot and look for the same screw but longer. It will depend how thick your table is for the length of the screw you need to get.

Will those inside a SE FightStick, or will I need to mod the case?

for those that don’t want to ruin their coffee table or get a large wood set up, can always use rubber no-slip sheets that you buy in a roll from Home Depot or Target.

I use those for my cutting boards in the kitchen and in my tool chests and nothing ever slides around. I’m gonna test out the rubber feet first and if they’re not up to par then I’ll just cut out a sheet.

^no matter what you use, its still going to move. Bolt it down is the best way…period.
If you want aracde feeling, bolt it down.

Bolts aren’t enough. I use just a drop of dark matter.