Weighing down SE fightstick


Hey, wondering if anyone has any good suggestions on ways to weigh down the SE fightstick or ways to stop it from sliding. I have been having issues with it sliding while doing charge moves. Thanks.


open it up and tape some coins inside.


I think it might take a lot of coins to make a significant weight difference. I am the type of person to try this…just don’t ingest it.


I have a 3lb countour hand weight that I’ve been able to place under any stick I found was too light.

You could probably find ankle weights or something similar to put in there.


So you would just recommend putting ankle weights inside. Is there enough clearance in the box to just place it in. Also would u recommend gluing it inside or which way would you go about securing the ankle weights inside the box.


I would try taping the weights down until you knew it was good then probably glue them down. You don’t want some weights flying around the inside of your joystick.


Yes, taping it down is what I do. As long as you use something that isn’t permanent. This way you can use the same weight for future sticks and you don’t have to buy more.

And yeah, ankle weights should be able to fit unless your stick is incredibly thin or wiring/parts are in the way. The weights themselves usually come in separate silvery bars that you slip into some sort fabric that’s fastened around your ankles. You should be able to take those weights and use them as you would like.


if you dont want to void warrenty, or risk weights flying aroudn in there; try velcro adhesives. Not that i have ever used them, i have read on threads in the past of people who do.


I was thinking of this myself. These ideas seem a lot simpler than what I was going to try. I was about to have a machine shop I know of make a new bottom plate out of stainless steel.