Weight Lifting Tournament Results

1st. Michael “TheGreaterForce” Ross
2nd. Isaac “Tyranidman” Graham
3rd. Pedro “Robust” Avila

it was a pretty big blow out by michael ross who was able to defeat both isaac and pedro by at least 150 total lbs.

isaac finished 100 pull ups in less than 20 minutes allowing him to pull away from young pedro

hey mike, have you been working out?

I heard Bicep Bill was too busy at another Bodybuilding event in Las Vegas…

With him sidelined, Michael arose to the highest of levels to take the crown. I am just glad I was able to compete.

Great Shit guys, Great Shit!

best part of the event, by far, was when Mega Mike did 25 push ups with 2 fingers in under 100 seconds. The judges were heavily impressed. Really unfair.

YO you guys think bill’s eyebrows are crazy?! WAIT TILL YOU SEE HIS DICK!!


I can’t believe I got perfected on tape. Working out is paying off for you. :sad:

did you guys have sexy time?

IFG likes to kiss boys at night, while they’re asleep.

I wish i was there, Title was mine for the taking.

i think i showed you a pic of blaziniflo? mike destroyed him. you just dont see him coming. maybe you see bill driving tho.

Thanks to everyone that entered, with the money for third place guess what I did?


shout outs to Impressive Isaac, hugglesssss

[18:04] Dynamike Ross: vegas destroyed me
[18:04] Dynamike Ross: lips so chap
[18:04] hi im bagnus: yeah lol
[18:05] hi im bagnus: the heat
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yo what the fuck did i say? this muthafucka sends me links to t-nation all day

[18:04] hi im bagnus: vegas destroyed me
[18:04] hi im bagnus: lips so chap
[18:04] Dynamike Ross: yeah lol
[18:05] Dynamike Ross: the heat
[18:05] Dynamike Ross: fucks all of us up
[18:05] Dynamike Ross: www.t-nation.com

the real log

nice try, dickhead


im guessing this took place at ballys casino :wink:

The best part was GVR’s business center was always closed when I tried to go make copies (and the Cashier/Security booth had me wait twenty minutes then said NO when I asked them for copies) but of course the gym/work-out area was open 24/7. =P I respect that people are work-out nuts - especially Mike - but … come on, it’s a five star hotel and should give some love to the business world too.

I told Gina (my gf) about their elliptical trainer setup and now she wants one too. =P

anyone know when they will be mailing the prize money?

apparently, michael ross did such an impressive job that not only will he be receiving his prize money from the tournament, he also gained a sponsorship deal with Mens Health Magazine.

congratulations Michael, all those hours in the gym finally paid off

Mike’s secret weapon