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Timeline on everything? And what did your doc say about recovery? All 3 surgeries were to my left knee, was told maybe I shouldn’t squat full depth anymore but that’s about the only thing I was told ( I still squat full depth haha). not a doctor nor in the field, but if the doc days you can make the recovery and go back to it then you should be good? Mostly mental at that point imo. Could give you accounts of my post surgery rehab experiences if you’d like, good luck bud.


I made it homies. Finally reached all of my long term 5x5 strength goals and went beyond on DL’s:

Squat - 300
DL- 440
Bench - 230
Bent over row - 200



Only 20 lbs away from 4pl8 squat


If you only learned one thing

Please do gotch bible

Gotch bible is the path to beast mode


cod liver oil is no joke.
super natural high amounts of the lipid vitamins A, D, and E.
last time i checked cod liver oil has the most amount of vitamin D than any other food source.
it ranks #1 versus milk which ranks i think at number 8.
so very good for you.

also, eat your spinach. dat iodine doe.


im 5’10 275lb and im trying to get into the military i know bootcamp is gonna be OD so what workouts should i focus on so i can drop weight kinda fast? Please and thank you


Well we need to know more. What’s your bodyfat percentage, gym experience and time frame to lose this weight?


You are going to need to train like you are doing a triathalon. And you need to work on pullups and rope climbing and swimming

But the thing is you will probably pass the pre-test and they will grind you through boot camp


im pretty sure im 20-25% body fat and i have a 5 month time frame for this weight loss i just got a membership to planet fitness i cant swim though lol. i dont wanna go into boot camp like this cause ill get DESTROYED. so should i focus heavily on cardio to drop weight or should i include weight lifting?



Jumping jacks
Rope climbing

Lots of stuff wearing gear

So train like you are doing a tough mudder


Thank you ill try my best!


Timeline…so, in 2013, the injury happened, but the first doctor said it didn’t look like I did anything, so it “healed” but any hard impact and it almost felt like deja vu. Lived with it tell 2016 when I really felt something was up at a ski resort. Found out that the acl had completely become detached, MCL torn, minuscus was degrading, fractures on the tibia and fibia. Had surgery and later on, did physical therapy that while it did help some of the recovery, felt like all the therapist was doing was stacking these exercises that some at the time were sketchy as fuck. So I stopped seeing her and did get better than I was pre-surgery. EDIT: forgot to answer this; the surgeon said that I should be good to go on continuing my riding and any other activity when I saw him months later for an evaluation. He did felt confident in his work but to me, it hasn’t and will never feel 100% like my other knee is.

Today I signed up at my local LA fitness. Tomorrow I’ll be shopping for gym gear and start planning on changing my diet. Race season is coming up in spring, my goal is to start improving my strength, stanima, and flexibility. Going back to this post I need to re word what I had posted, I know growing old I’ll never have that crazy stamina I had in my teens or be as agile, but if I can get close to it while building back up some muscle I lost over the years, if this brings positive results in my racing performance, I’ll be psyched.


I’ve been reading a lot about gotch Bible and I’m starting it tomorrow to increase my endurance and help with my strength building. My cardio is okay, not great. I play hoops like 3-4 times a week. I don’t really lift that much though. Will that be enough? Any other tips?


Finish gotch bible no matter what

That is the only tip


Ok fuck this shit I shouldn’t have done this before going to work I feel like I’m gonna vomit


Ok so holy shit. I switched over to this routine 3 weeks ago after I felt like I was done with 5x5 and I have never gotten so strong and grown so much so fast before. I feel like It should share it.

I’m keeping the mass building days at 3x4 and the hypertrophy days at high reps, trying to get 12 reps on all sets. I have this shirt that fit nice and snug 3 weeks ago and fast forward to right now, it’s tight as hell on my arms. I like this routine a lot.


God dam you lived 3 years with all that!?! That’s crazy. I have a similar story, was playing football when I tore my ACL, nver dealt with any serious injury before, so I just limped my ass to work after and let it heal. Visited my pcp and she told me it was just a lil sprain after just x-rays(no MRI taken, fuck that, i always asked for it after that). Buckled on me like 3 more times in a span of 3-5 months and she just kept saying just a sprain. I said fuck this and went to a specialist where they told me I tore my acl.

About the physical therapists, I feel ya on that. My lifting coach bud told me that most PT’s they send you to are useless after like 2 weeks cause they pace you like a 50 year old grandmother. Better safe than sorry early on though.

Sounds like you love riding, no homo. Gotta weigh the love of the sport versus can I walk normally when I get old I guess. Probably a balance of going hard buuuut as safely as you can is best. Us older folk gotta work twice as hard haha. Put in the work training and you’ll be rewarded, godspeed brodie!


Man, you bodybuilding bros. Don’t think I’ve done any weighted lifting stuff over 10 reps, besides sooome easy ass assistance stuff, in like 3 years hahaha. I applaud yall.


I’m not entirely sure what I’m supposed to take out of this. All I’m saying is that it’s been a great regiment once you hit intermediate lifts.


For those who do intermittent fasting, are you doing 16/8, 20/4 or full day 2 to 3 times a week? For the last 8 months I’ve been doing 16/8 every day, but on the rare day I go past I’ll recompense by doing a 24 fast.

Sometimes I end up doing 20/4 simply because my appetite has diminished. Keto is effective but IF has proven more convenient to do year round and my energy levels are high throughout the day.