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Men’s Health detailed routine (very helpful)
Men’s Health Fitness Forum
Diet Plans (for gaining, not losing)
Explanations of exercises
How to tone up those abs

Most of you probably didn’t expect a thread like this from a skinny guy like me, but I don’t think the old one still exists, so here’s a new one.

Some beginning weightlifting suggestions can be found on these websites, such as this:

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As for nutrition, people seem to agree more on it than they do the weightlifting aspect of a good fitness routine. Whereas there are several contradicting views on weightlifting, nutrition seems more straightforward. Again, a useful article from www.getbig.com :

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Now that I’ve covered the basics and reasons behind workout routines and nutrition plans, here is an actual routine. Supposedly, this is the routine Brad Pitt used for Fight Club. It can be found at various places on the intarweb.

I think I’m gonna give that routine a try, because I would love to look like this, minus the cigarette and shadowy eyes of course.

However, I have some questions about that routine. What are: nautiless press, pec deck machine, arnold press, hammer curls, push downs? Also, what’s the difference between: seated rows, and t-bar rows? And what is “laterals” for shoulders? Lastly, what does MHR mean on the treadmill?

Oh also, where are his legs and abs workouts? While I hear his legs are small, surely he has to do something else for his abs…


anyone know what toby maguire’s workout routine is. he was able to do that within 3 months on a vegetarian diet (or so i’ve read). that’s awesome.


MHR = Maximum Heart Rate
Laterals = Pulling weight down from above your head to work your back.

LOL, you wanna look like Brad Pitt? I find that funny, don’t know why.

EDIT: Toby was on Yoga Yoga Yoga workout.


I was wondering if anyone was going to make this thread again, I was thinking about it last night, but I’d feel stupid since I’m not muscular and only looking to get that way. But for your questions, check Bodybuilding.com I think it was posted in the last thread, they have an area of the site that tells you (With pictures) just about every strength training exercise you could think of.

And as of right now, I’m doing 8-10 reps and 5 sets. But my friends keep telling me to put on a lot of weight with less reps will work just as good, if not better. Anyone know if I should be doing HIT? Or just stick to my current ways of doing things?


Hey, don’t feel bad. I’m in the exact same boat, and that didn’t stop me. :karate:

As for Toby McGuire, I don’t know the details, but I remembering hearing he got that way in 5 months, not 3, and I think he strayed from his vegetarian diet a bit to get at least a little bit of protein. I also believe he spent roughly 5 hours a day doing exercises. A regular weight workout, probably some aerobics, and like someone else mentioned lots of yoga.

I’m gonna try that Brad Pitt routine, like I already stated, coupled with some leg and ab workouts. Only thing I need now is a nutrition plan. All those numbers aren’t easy to interpret in terms of food. I need someone to lay me out a weekly menu. :clap:


Just as good at what?

Low reps at high weight gives you bigger, stronger, twitch muscles.

High reps at low weight gives you endurance muscle and a better cardio workout.

There isn’t any better, it just depends on what you want. And nothing says you can’t mix them. Personally, I would rather be lean and muscular than just plain big.


I don’t know too much since I just started as well, but from what I read is, it’s a calorie game, and the best thing to eat would be anything with protein. And only a few carbs like starchy carbs as rice and what not, and then fibrous carbs like green vegetables but I’d look up on it, since I could be wrong (Or the entire article I read could be a lie. :xeye: )

I had a similar question, I have a good protein intake for my body (I eat just about nothing but steak as of late.) But would something like whey protein shakes be worth it as I’m only trying to lose body fat currently, but retain as much muscle as I possibly can.


Just don’t push it to the limit with the lifting, unless you don’t mind a prolapsed colon.


i personally frequent the mens health forum they always give good advice and i’m following the homegrown muscle program they have links below
homegrown muscle

the fitness forum

if you’re a beginner like me homegrown is a good program to follow till you have enough knowledge to start your own

ask them what you should eat and you’ll get plenty of replies and links about a weekly plan and how you should eat and i’ll tell you now what they’ll tell you,eat 4 to 6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism boosted so it burns more fat and calories


But is that what someone like me, who weighs 130 pounds, wants? I’m one of the few people out there who aren’t trying to lose weight, but gain it. I don’t wanna put on fat though, I wanna stay lean and just add muscle.

After looking at that link briefly, I would indeed like to look like this and this. Or at least somewhere between Pitt/that. I just don’t wanna get too big ya know.


Heres an assload of articles about weight gain diets and what not.


Yayyyy, it’s back.

I’ve been meaning to start another thread, but I don’t come to the boards as much anymore… damn school…


i’m interested in toning down my midsection.
could you guys point me toward the right direction/website/diet?

I’m doing alright so far, but i can tell i’m not doing the right thing by just doing 100 sit-ups at night. so yeah, i’d appreciate some tips.


nautilus is just a brand that makes workout machines.

so he is just doing a bench and incline bench machine.


I think you might find this useful: http://www.soyouwanna.com/site/syws/abs/absFULL.html

It basically says you’re going to need to cut the fatty foods (it explains how to figure all that out), and NOT do situps. Crunches are more effective, whereas situps are too easily done improperly, causing strain on your back and not enough focus on your abs. Also it says situps will add bulk to your obliques (love handles) which would increase your midsection. Not what you’re looking for. Do crunches and leg raises, as described in that article. It’s a fairly short read. Read it. :slight_smile:

And cool LordViper, I thought that might be what it was. What about the other exercises I had in question? RPDrookie said hammer curls are just as if you were holding the dumbell like a hammer, vertically. What about the rest?

Also that Men’sHealth link seems very informative, but I’ve only skimmed over it as of now. I’ll add that to the first page so newcomes can find the info quickly.


yeah thats what you want cause you always want to burn fat so that you gain more muscle and less fat but gaining just means you eat more calories then you can burn theres plenty of calorie calculators on different sites where you put in your stats and it tells you how much to eat to get this and this so to like gain so much weight, you’d eat so many calories. gotta love technology