Weird and Useless Mags FP Throw Query

In training mode, against Storm set to ‘NO GUARD’, I do a ground FP throw with Mags, wait a bit (like a half second), then rush in and try to launch, but she blocks it…wtf?

Autoguard or quirky programming?

I’ve seen that a lot…on other characters and even with other throwers if I remember correctly. it’s just the game saying it hates you…or goofy ass training mode

Nig do you have a sn or something? We could be talking hella marvel strats, you’re online all the time.

And I already know the game hates me.

nog. fo shizzle. but I’m bout to head to sleepizzle.

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Ya it autoblocks the frame they break out. Not only in training , but even in arcade or playing 2 players. its 100% no matter where. same with spidy web or any other moves that stun you (thanos too probably)

Ah, thanks.


You think that’s weird? Put it on all guard. Do storm’s throw in the corner, then quickly jump up and hit them as soon as possible. For whatever reason they won’t block. Happens with other people’s throws too.

I think that may truly be training mode being goofy

^Very weird, indeed. What’s even more loony is that it only works on specific characters (quite a few of them though). Maybe this is why whenever cpu Cable manages to pull an air-throw, he does AHVB following?

Random question

what happens if they break out during an unblockable? does jesus come down and be like, wtf?

aka, some stupid shit like… magneto throw, call drones, they break DHC at the frame before the drones hit, they break out at the exact frame the drones hit (the unblockable part of the drones)