Weird button layout?

Hello SRK forum users, my first post here so be gentle!

Ok so this is the thing: I started playing with an arcade stick for about two months ago and i’m really beginning to see the benefits with sticks instead of using the keyboard. (Yeah I actually played on a PC keyboard before and it’s really not that bad for Balrog)

But now I’m using Vega and a stick really helps when doing those 3/4-quarter moves.

Anyhow… I’ve been playing on a Qanba professional fighting joystick, and i’ve noticed that it’s not really a very good stick when I compared it to a stick with sanwa-parts.

So, im building my own stick, with my own button layout, which to some may look absolutely retarded. But still, I’d like you to take a look at the layout and give me your comments. I’m playing SF4, and i’m playing with the thumb, which is critical to weird layout like this.

tldr; My buttonlayout for SF4, is it retarded or could it work?

You will have trouble plinking mk~lk with your thumb. (check out

The way you have that set up is somewhat similar to a normal 6 button layout only you are required to use your thumb to press LK or MK. I think it will work just fine, but you may as well go with a standard 6 button layout for space concerns (this layout will be large from the scale you drew it at), and for others to be able to use it without having to relearn button locations/finger usage.

Obviously it’s completely retarded. I would think about how it’s going to affect your ability to perform kara moves (hell, even ultras) and other things you may want to learn in the future.

However if you never plan to go to an arcade and only play in situations where you can use this stick, you should do whatever you want.

Well, kara-throwing with Vega would still work :wink:

Didnt think of the ultra, I guess Id have to use the pinky for HK, point finger for lk and thumb for mk then…

good luck with those FADCs bruh

That won’t work for hitting KKK very well.

Somebody else actually uses that layout. First page of the custom thread in part 1

I don’t see how FADC:s can be any problem with this layout? Neither that or throws.

the KKK is a problem however, I wonder why I didnt think of that… lol. But I guess I’d do it as I earlier described…

Besides the KKK, it could work out pretty well, you could try to put a 3 KKK button under your palm to push down, it might work but it would probably be awkward.