Weird button problem

I play 3s, and doing EX moves on my custom stick seemed extremely hard to me for some reason. After a while, I figured out that the trick is to press the buttons extremely lightly, or else it would only register one at a time. The problem is that at my local arcade, you have to practically pound the buttons, and switching between sticks all the time is starting to become a hassle.

Today I came home and opened my stick up to see if I could figure out the problem. I couldn’t find anything, seeing as I’m not a stick maker and it all looked foreign to me, but I did notice something a little odd. After removing the screws and taking off the bottom piece, the buttons seemed to work better, not perfect, but still much better. If I SLAM on the buttons it will only register one at a time, but I’m able to whack them at my desired level of pressure and get the result I’m aiming for.

I’m hoping someone has some ideas on how to fix the problem all together, so that I can hit the buttons hard, with the bottom piece on , and still have all the buttons register at the same time. This is probably a strange question, so I’m not holding my breath, regardless any help would be awesome.

Edit: It uses Sanwa buttons and that’s about all I know, but I can PM the stick maker to ask other questions related to the technical stuff.

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could be bad switches or wiring.

what kind of buttons are they? Happ/japanese, concave/convex ??

Basically it sounds like bad wiring, could be a problem with the ground for the buttons, that can always cause weird issues like that. Can’t imagine what you taking it apart would do to help, if you haven’t done anything to fix it… Did it work before, or was it always like that?

I didn’t take anything apart, I simply removed the bottom cover and looked inside. It’s always been like that, but I just got it a few months ago.

People have said that the person did an amazing job based on looks alone.

I’m not home right now but I will post a picture tomorrow morning.

I don’t know, maybe he is good at making it look nice, but not at wiring, or it could be a simple mistake he forgot to check, I can’t be sure… I’ll wait fo rthe picture, maybe it’ll tell something.