Weird buttons problem I have encountered


I have been looking around for a few days now on google and other forums and haven’t stumbled into anything that could help with the problem I am having. I have had two sticks in the past for a few years seperately and have never really had any problems with them before, but up until the other day on plugging in my Fighting Edge (ps3) into my pc to play some GFWL free SF4 finally, I was noticing that my back button (O) on the ps3 was not working, it was acting as the accept (X) button, so I went into the button config but it was as it should be, I tried unplugging, restarting, uninstalling the sticks preinstalled drivers, replugging it back in. Letting it install them again. (The Fighting Edge only has plug in and play drivers, nothing to actually go and download) but it still isnt working. I went into the devices & printers on start. ( Windows 7 btw) Right clicked the fighting edge icon>Game controller settings>opened the properties to find its 13 button and axis information, and the same thing. On pressing button 3 (O) its acting as button 2 (X) Luckily I have another stick but the fighting edge is my main one I use and I really liked it so this is kind of depressing, if anyone has any information about what the hell is going in and how to fix it that would be great.


I had a similar problem with odd commands coming out. It was on a stick where one button (KKK) wasn’t working at all, and the button next to it was firing out a dual command (LK,MK). Managed to narrow it down to one of the buttons sticking and sending out a continuous signal, which was messing with the other commands. Maybe swap your buttons around, and see if the fault moves with it? If so, you’re probably looking at a stuck button.
Since it’s a Fighting Edge, it also has crazy capacitive buttons on the side and stuff, so hopefully it’s just one of the big Kuro buttons knocking it off, and not them.


Only way to be certain, open your stick, pull off the Quick disconnected off the troubled button.
Plug your stick in your PC and test the signals out by touching the quick disconnects together, this is whats basically happening in your button anyways
if the button signal works then its your button.
if it does not work it is your stick.

Also make sure your Fighting Edge hasn’t have the buttons remapped.


This. In all fairness, it sounds like the buttons on it have simply been remapped by mistake.