Weird fact about his claw

Hey. =)

Maybe some of you found that out by yourself… but I just figured it out some minutes ago…

When Vega stands left to the opponent his claw is attached to his right hand,
while standing right to the opponent it is attached to his left hand.

Laziness of the producers? =)

Hey, I played you! You’re from Germany?

my god, how interesting.

When you hit someone with a focus attack…it comes off also…omg

change your name to shut the fuck up

this isnt SF 2 or I havent noticed it. Any way dont you just hate it when the claws touch the opponent and it doesnt do anything.

Ahh, you’re Sasaki Ryo then. =)
Yeah you’ve torn me apart back then dude.

Can’t fare to well in those mirror matches. Your ST broke my neck. =)
Pretty good player.

and to ruiN-:

don’t be a party pooper. =)

Man, honestly, I’m not used to mirrors yet… But your Vega was also pretty good. Solid!
If you’re interested in a german beat em up community, visit I’m active there too, unfortunately as the only Vega user :frowning:
Would be nice to have some more support on the claw section or something. I’m really the only guy making posts there :'DDD

Ahh, yeah I’m also a member of hardedge. =)
I registered there a few days ago in the hope of finding some local tourneys.

anyway, I just PM’d you there, dude. =)
See you soon.

Ah, and I’ll see what I can do in the so called Vega section. I still haven’t browsed the forum enough to participate much. =)

Did you guys know his claw comes off when he gets hit too much.

lol back to STREET FIGHTERS on the incredible world of DIK

It’s not laziness. It’s actually quite the opposite.
Since the game is 3D, there’s no need to “edit” anything, since when they turn around, they ACTUALLY turn around.
But they made the claw switch on purpose to prevent confusion of the claw distances, etc. Not a huge deal.

Indeed - Check Gief’s scars out on his arms/legs.

Just pretend he switches it to his other hand really fast.

my first time to the claw forum and this is what i get.

That’s weird.

another fact is that he doesnt throw his claw at anyone, and no combination of buttons will change that

contrary to popular belief

he always throws in the direction of center stage.

so you can always know where you are standing in relation to center stage by throwing the claw

if it goes forward, dash forward and it will re-suit itself as soon as it hits the ground

if it goes backwards, hold back for a few frames then do a FBS to pick it up with your handplant, which looks cool when it flies off the screen, and makes for a sudden unexpected claw strike

if you just do the FBS without pressing back first, you will come up short

otherwise, just pick them up with your rear leg by slightly moving forward or backward on the ground when you are near it

one of the best things about vega is that he has stuff to play with

i thoroughly enjoy gathering my items and tossing / catching them during game play, it adds a whole other dimension to street fighter, and is “one of” the main reasons I enjoy playing him so much

This is a useful fact. OP’s fact is not useful, or interesting, or even weird.

THIS is an interesting and really useful information.

Thank you very much.