Weird FADC ULTRA problem

so every know and then ill go into training and just mess around with fadc ultras to get my execution up in case i every get a chance to use it.

strange problem though. they straight up arent working right. im literally punching in the same commands and it either doesnt dash out, dashes out and just does a plain SRK or the ultra misses them. on the rare occasion it actually does work yet i never do anything different and my inputs on the side of the screen are pretty consistent.

mainly use adon but have been messing with ryu some too.

here is my input. lets say im on the right side of the screen. i SRK (or RJ) and i keep :l: held down. i immediately focus while still holding :l: the start the ultra. since im holding :l: then i do:qcb: :qcb: :3p:

the holding :l: and doing:qcb: real quick seem to act like a :l: :l: allowing me to dash out to do one more :qcb: and ending with a :3p: to complete the ultra.

im a wrong and ive just gotten super lucky that it has been working?

i hope i explained it well enough to understand so you can point out my mistakes or give me advice. it seems like it could just be a timing thing but im pretty positive im doing it right.

so i just tried it with Ken and it worked almost every time.

but with ryu it just does a normal srk or the ultra misses

I don’t understanding why you aren’t just manually inputting the mp+mk dash after your SRK. You’re making it too complicated.

like press mp+mk then :l: :l:?

Yeah, exactly.

cant seem to get the ultra that fast. i can ultra fast on the right side but i dash too slow. i can dash fast on the right side but i ultra too slow/cant at all.

stuck between a rock and a hard place

It’s called practice…

I don’t know what the fuck you are doing, but all you need to do is DP> FA > dash > ultra.

It really is that simple.

If you can’t get it out fast enough, you just need to practice more. Nothing more too it than that.

whats even stranger is that i tried it like DP FA dash Ultra and it works fine. before i couldnt do it that way so it was looking for other was to do it.

i guess no my hands are fast enough b/c i just did it like 10 times in a row.

only think i need to do now is get more comfortable on the left side of the screen. its so awkward.