Weird inputs or game mechanics?


So I have a weird issue. I am not super good at SSF4 but I have noticed a weird issue. When playing Shoto in SSF4 and I am footsie’ing back and forth and then i throw out a c. mk I into a buffered fireball I notice if I do it super quick I get a c. mk then DP. I think I have narrowed it down to the SSF4 DP shortcut of 3 2 3 (F, DF, F).

This just seemed to start happening.

The reason I am posting this in to Tech Talk is because all I have to test it on is PS360+ so I am hoping some Tech Talk \ SSF4 player can help me out and tell me if it’s the game or the PCB.



It’s the game and is being addressed in Ultra.


You have to delay the button press or start the fireball at db.


nvm. pretty sure it’s the game. just though about about it and tested things on Skullgirls and it seems fine. anyone with an opinion is still welcome though. thanks!!!


ugh…wished this was addressed for all chars in this situation


Idk if it is or not.


Figured as much. Thanks brothers!!! I will use fireball at DB for now. Thanks again!!!