Weird inputs paewang/datel/joytron pcb?


hi, i’m so happy today, i bought an used madcatz tournament edition s (ps3 version) very mint conditions for cheap

i had the infamous problem with usb not recognizing inputs, but i switched the pcb with a spare datel pro pcb i already had at home

when i tried it in usfiv (xbox360 mode) the inputs are perfectly configured like:

square(LP) triangle(MP) R1(HP) L1(3punches)
x(LK) circle(MK) R2(HK) L2(3kicks)

when i tried it in ps3/pc mode the inputs was messed up like

square(MP) triangle(LP) R1(HP) L1(3punches)
x(MK) circle(LK) R2(HK) L2(3kicks)

it is normal that square/triangle and x/circle are inverted in ps3 mode?


you most likely got the wires mixed up

Also the TE-S did not have the issues that the Round 1 and Round 2 TE does


but wires are correct if i put it in xbox mode

my te-s definitely had that issue, i tried it in joy.cpl (both win7 and win8.1) before replacing the pcb


im confused about your setup. If im reading this right though, sounds like a bad flash or something and you wont be able to do much about it

You have a PC and you tried x360 mode on it and PS3 mode on it and the button layout is messed up for only 2 buttons? Could be how windows chooses which button gets assigned to which button. Anyways, its PC so shouldnt bother much.

Or you have a 360 and PS3. Plugged into each one and tried. Found out buttons were swapped going between two consoles? Make sure that you mashed default controls first. Assuming you did so, then you’re probably out of luck. Make sure to always check buttons at tourney then.


This is just USFIV being weird with inputs. It’s quite well known that the way the game handles controllers is pretty crap if it isn’t a standard Xinput controller.


bad flash?

yes is messed only for 2 buttons but on ps3 mode